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Its commonplace for an interesting sports story to garner the most hits on The Telegrams website. Clearys Cup celebration and Ryders signing in Boston come to mind as good examples. But they didnt generate much feedback from readers aside from the expected (or dull) Were some proud of you Danny! Go Wings or Congratulations Michael! Now bring it home like Danny. So when we posted John Brownes story about St. Johns native Jamie Tilley snagging home run ball No. 537 from New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez at the Rogers Centre Saturday and Tilleys plans, the comments actually had *gasp* controversy! Some of the comments were as ridiculous as my theory on Ryder. But regardless, I couldnt help but comment on a couple. Oh My from NL called Tilley a greedy little man and claimed that a true baseball fan would do the right thing. Now, I know Oh My as well as he/she/they know Mr. Tilley, but Im willing to bet if the ball were in hers/his/their court (forgive the mixed metaphor), theyd do much the same. Or at the very least, keep it until they got desperate enough to hock it for a new flatscreen TV on which to continue their devotion to being a true baseball fan. Nancy from N.C. believed a signed game bat (especially the one used to hit said home run) would be worth more. Maybe. But probably not. Players are notoriously superstitious about their bats and if he had hit one, two, three... from that one bat alone hes not about to give it up for anyone. Tilleys signed game bat would more than likely have come from a box with a big label on it called Alex Rodriguez Signed Game Bats for Chumps Who Give Up Historic Home Run Balls. Johnny from NL commented simply to bicker with Oh My. He turned the tables and claimed super rich athletes expecting the ball for nothing is where the greed lies. Johnny, using logic Im still wrapping my head around, also claimed that since Rodriguez makes $22 million a year, he can afford to pay the estimated $15,000 because it would be like someone who makes $50,000 paying $34. So since he has all that money, he should have to drop the amount he would on a Honda Civic on a $1 piece of rubber, leather and twine? I hope for Johnnys sake, someone else is handling his finances. The comments went on from there, but with all the media attention on Rodriguez as of late not one person suggested Tilley get in touch with Madonnas people to see if they were interested. If it were me, Id have kept the ball, but agreed to sell it to him at a discount price if he agreed (in writing) to an exclusive interview with the Telegram... and maybe his soon to be ex-wifes phone number.

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