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  • Toronto
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    This is absolutely amazing to me that this is writtten by the sports department at the Telegram for a few reasons.

    1) Titled Fairweather Fans - this from the paper of record for a city that lost an AHL and QMJHL team - What teams did Toronto loose? None - but they are the fairweather fans and ummm they are huge leaf supporters despite no cup - somehow that is fairweather?

    2) Centre of the Universe - The Telegram headline saying that beccause a NL'er finally won the cup that event is not only NL history (which is a dubious enough claim) but Danny Cleary winning the cup is hockey history - I know Toronto never made that claim when among others Draper won the cup. What signifies being the centre of the universe more than when something happens to NL'ers it is history greater than that of the NL? Can't weait for Danny's booth at the Hall.

    3) What market in Canada do people know more about baseball? I do not think there is one- so to say that Toronto fans are ignorant will more broadly assume Canadians and therefore NL'ers are ignorant sports fans.

    This is poor representation of a very diverse city and shows a pettyness by Mr. Oliver (and a lack of content with in the province). Toronto is many things but to paint them as a pack of ingnoramuses is really unbecoming.