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I think theres an addendum required for my last blog. When I called out Toronto sports fans for being fairweather and unforgiving of their Maple Leafs, I was referring specifically to the fans who attend and follow the team as avid sports enthusiasts, not the casual fan who writes off his ticket purchase as a business expense. And its equally important to point out that those fans, however unmerciful they may appear regarding their Buds, will always support the team because it will always be there. As opposed to here in St. Johns where we fail to adequately support semi-pro teams because there is never a sense of permanency. And really, if the Maple Leafs werent in Toronto, where else would the recreational sports fan killing a Saturday night throw away $300 to watch a team get their collective butts handed to them night in and night out? * * * * In the aftermath of the Boston Red Sox-Los Angeles Dodger-Pittsburgh Pirates three way trade that saw Manny Ramirez leave Beantown and Jason Bay move in to take his spot, I honestly believed it wouldnt be a good fit for either team. I was wrong (it does happen on occasion). Since joining the Sox, Bay has at least a hit in every game, six runs scored, five RBIs, and a home run. Meanwhile, down in L.A., the cantankerous Ramirez has found reason to smile again with nine hits including a four-for-five, three-RBI night against Arizona and a pair of dingers. And here I was thinking Mannys best days were behind him. Wonder what his shelf life will be in the City of Angels? Will he start showing up at Hollywood premieres? Is Paris interested? Will he leave baseball and try to make it on the silver screen? Could Manny be Manuel? * * * * And, hats off or on to Marcel Ledrew. Ledrew is the man behind Mackenzie bats, a local baseball/softball bat manufacturing operation the Goulds resident runs from his workshop with the help of his father. Check out his story. The bats, named after his precocious daughter Mackenzie, are turning up in more and more local hands and nearly 40 of them were swung by teams competing in this years Moss Tournament. Ledrew and Mackenzie dropped by the office last week with a couple of the first official Mackenzie Bats Hats. And its a helluva hat. No dodgy plastic strap, no annoying velcro to get caught in your hockey hair. A great, flex fit ball cap with the logo proudly emblazoned on the front. I can see it now. A full line of Mackenzie Bats swag. Coolers. Bat bags. Beer holders. Toques for those chilly early fall games. Thanks for the headgear, Marcel!

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