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St. John's -

Anyone who claims EPR Kirby/The Dock used concerns regarding their playing schedule as a cop-out after falling 6-1 to British Columbia in Mondays Jubilee Trophy national bronze medal game are pretty ignorant and require some edification. As a result of P.E.I. dropping out of the tourney late, it meant any team in the B pool would play one less game while still earning the three points towards a win. Now, you cant blame the teams in the pool it wasnt their idea, but right away it spelled a clear advantage over the teams in the A pool who would all have to play four full round-robin games. Thats 90 minutes more of turf pounding, hard tackling, demanding national caliber soccer in October weather in Newfoundland. But thanks to their sched and the lot from P.E.I., the lasses from B.C. didnt have to worry much about those matters. Three round robin games in three days. And as if their situation werent peachy enough, their schedule was such that the day before the final they had the chance to recuperate on a day off. How nice for them. Four games in six days. For Kirby, it couldnt have worked out worse. Not only did their tournament start on Thursday, but the night before the bronze medal match, Kirby had to take down Ontario, the first place team in their pool. They did, miraculously, capture a 5-0 win. But come Sunday, their fifth game in as many days, you could see the Kirby ladies were spent. When Laura Breen says they left everything on the field, she meant it. I was there, I saw how listless they were as they played their very hearts out against an older, wiser, more experienced and obviously well rested veteran Surrey United club. It wasnt a pretty game to watch; the girls werent sharp, werent communicative and were subsequently blown out. If not for their seeing their numbers run up and down the field, you wouldnt say Nichole Adams or Malorie Harris were even in the game. But one look at their faces, or any other Kirby mug, during the match and two things were pretty clear; a) they were frustrated and b) they were tired. Put em together, and there are no medals to be won. But lets forget about medals and accolades for a minute and set the record straight. The Kirby team took a lot of flack this year over building an all-star squad with the goal of improving the provinces ranking. Well they did it. Dead last to fourth best in the nation. And when they return next year, I for one hope they enjoy another stellar season and take their national experience and renewed confidence all the way to the gold medal game in Saskatoon.

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  • Soccer Fan
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    I wouldn't exactly call Kirby's game against Ont 90 minutes of turf pounding, hard tackling, demanding national caliber soccer . Obviously you missed that game. Kirby barely had to run to score each of the 5 goals. Ont all but stood there and let them take the win. Sometime you just have to chalk it up to a team being better. Regardless of playing 5 games in 5 days, or 5 games in 10 days, BC were simply just a better team. The final score was 6-1, and Kirby got lucky on the 1 goal they did manage to score. They should thank their lucky stars that Ontario handed them a win to put them in that game, because they were at least 2 teams that deserved to be there before them.