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Rays-Phillies fall classic not worth tuning in

St. John's -

Aside from the Philly faithful and the fair-weather Tampa Bay fans, is anyone looking forward to the 2008 World Series? This was a baseball post season during which the possibilities for history making and exciting game action were almost guaranteed. And none of them came to fruition. We could have had a Red Sox repeat. Moreover, we could have had a BoSox versus Manny fall classic. A Windy City final between the Cubbies and the Sox. There was an outside chance at a City of Angels World Series. It was an October where up to three Canadian born ball players could have played for baseball's crown. But alas, we'll have to settle for a Phillies team that hasn't been near the World Series in 15 years (Go Jays!) and a Tampa Bay squad that is going for the first time. *Snore* My point is that from a viewership perspective, it's not exciting. We'd be better off if the Gonzaga Vikings went down to the city of brotherly love. Let Matty Stairs and Jason English trade dingers. No, Tampa and Philly is not going to draw the viewers like the 2007 World Series that saw the Red Sox pound the Rockies in four straight. Thinking back, of all the mainstream North American sports, the 2007 seasons' were standouts for the armchair athlete. The NBA saw a classic Lakers-Celtics finals. The two best NHL teams from last year, the Pens and Wings, took to the ice in the quest for the Cup. On the football fields, New England looked to record a perfect 20-0 season but Eli Manning and the Giants spoiled their historic day. Even the barely-viewed CFL had its first Grey Cup between the Roughriders and the Blue Bombers, a Labour Day Classic repeat for the whole she-bang. Let's just hope the World Series isn't an accurate yearly measuring stick for how the 2008-09 season league championships will play out. Ask yourself; could you sit through a Nashville-Atlanta NHL Final?

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  • b
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    I think this years final will be great. Philly is a great sports town and just look at where the rays have come from to get to the final. If you want great story lines look at a guy like Brad Lidge. basically wrote off last year to come back this year and dominate again as a closer. or Jamie Moyer, a guy who is about 80 and still performing. not to mention all world players like chase utley, jimmy rollins and ryan howard. same goes for the rays, young, deep and extremly dangerous with the glove and the stick.
    I'm sick of manny being manny , the red sox, the yankees and having to watch west coast games till 4 in the mourning. all of which i will not have to put up with this october. I welcome this years final with open arms.

    I say Phillies take it in 6.

    and no i could not sit through a Nashville-Atlanta NHL Final.