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  • b
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    I think this years final will be great. Philly is a great sports town and just look at where the rays have come from to get to the final. If you want great story lines look at a guy like Brad Lidge. basically wrote off last year to come back this year and dominate again as a closer. or Jamie Moyer, a guy who is about 80 and still performing. not to mention all world players like chase utley, jimmy rollins and ryan howard. same goes for the rays, young, deep and extremly dangerous with the glove and the stick.
    I'm sick of manny being manny , the red sox, the yankees and having to watch west coast games till 4 in the mourning. all of which i will not have to put up with this october. I welcome this years final with open arms.

    I say Phillies take it in 6.

    and no i could not sit through a Nashville-Atlanta NHL Final.