Semin the sissy

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A couple of months ago, the Washington Capitals' Alexander Semin said this about the Pittsburgh Penguins' Sidney Crosby: What's so special about (Crosby)? I don't see anything special there. Yes, he does skate well, has a good head, good pass. But there's nothing else. Even if you compare him to Patrick Kane from Chicago ... (Kane) is a much more interesting player. Crosby dusted off the comments, as did most of the hockey world. Why? Because in 10 years youll know who Crosby is. While Semin will more than likely be added to the laundry list of european born players who enjoyed a nice, reasonable successful NHL career but never truly became part of the North American game. All the same, it would be nice to see Crosby seek some retribution. And after seeing Semin fight he might just go for it. And now we know why Russians arent fighters in the NHL.

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  • Bartholomew
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    If Semin was half as good as Crosby it'd be worth talking about. Semin plays with Ovechkin, Ray Bolger would get points on a line with Ovechkin. Don't get me wrong, you have to be good to make the NHL, but staying there is twice the battle. Ask Lonny Bohonos, Jody Gage, Greg Hawgood, John Slaney, Rob Brown - remember him. Fifty goal man one year, career minor leaguer after.

    As for him fighting, they aren't expected to, no sense in dogging him for that. Lots of good players go through their careers without fighting. Just because Yzerman, Sakic, Modano etc. played with skill and a little grit, doesn't mean they could fight. Kovalchuk is another maggot that gets under the skin of opposing players when he skates by the bench and does the SShhh motion after he scores. He'll probably never have to drop the gloves in his career. Some plugger making $600,000/year will come to his defence.

    Hockey aint what it used to be. Fast, skillfull - yes, but exciting no. Go to a game in Ottawa, Tampa, New Jersey and you could yawn yourself to sleep.