What not to wear... on ice

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You have to appreciate the Montreal Candiens' - i.e. the Canadiens Hockey Club - resolve in getting the most of its centenary anniversary. There's a lot of passion surrounding Habs hockey as a result of it, and fans are eating it up. So what better way to capitalize than with merchandising? More specifically, vintage jerseys. The team unveiled yet another the 1912-13 edition of the CHC jersey in yesterday's game against original six rivals, the Boston Bruins (whose equipment manager must have missed the vintage jersey memo when). Again, I appreciate the effort. But maybe, just maybe, there was a reason those jerseys were only used for two years. The pattern itself should come with a dislcaimer on the back that reads May cause dizziness or nausea. Do not wear skates or throw checks against opposing players wearing this hideous piece of $200 fabric that looks like a combination of a Barner's pole and Waldo's favourite sweater. Moreover, I can't imagine - considering Canadiens fandom is a religion in La Belle provinvce - the Maple Leaf enclosing the CHC went over well. As bad as this jersey is, it's nowhere near as bad as this earlier Habs offering from the 1909-10 season or the Buffalo Sabres current jersey. I thought the team's city was secondary to the team's name. Florida's jersey bears a Panther. San Jose's, a Shark. Even the obscurity of the Avalanche or Wild's emblems make some sense. But a Buffalo? It looks more like an angry slug with horns, There are some pretty garrish jerseys locall as well. Check out the C.B.N. Slateworks jr. Stars' of the St. John's junior league (the coach's kid draw that one up?) or the West Coast Senior Hockey League's Clarenville Caribous. I'm sorry guys, but there's no way to make a Caribou look menacing. I can't help but chuckle at what looks more like an irritated reindeer. Fortunately, all this is quite trivial. Like clothes don't make the man, a jersey doesn't make the player. Unless you happen to be Michael Ryder.

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  • Cam
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    HAHAHAHAH I love the notice of the CBN jerseys....they are the ugliest jerseys ive ever seen