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St. John's -

The C.B.N. CeeBee Stars and the Mount Pearl H.J. Bartlett Electric Blades went toe-to-toe at the Glacier Wednesday night and with under a minute to go, so did most of the guys on the ice. Now, I wasnt at the game. So what Ive learned has come from sources, message boards and shaky YouTube videos. With CeeBees up 8-5 with 52 seconds to play, Sean Wadden was on the ice and, word has it, was standing at the Blades blueline tapping his stick looking for a pass and apparently the Blades Geoff Smith didnt appreciate it and put what is described as both a simple slash and a two-handed golf swing across Waddens wrists. Todd Ballah, came to Waddens rescue and dropped mitts with Smith (no word on the decision). After the next face-off, an eight-man line brawl. Matchups included: C.B.N.s Gary Sparkes and Mount Pearls Kirk Simms; CeeBee Daniel Sparkes and Blade Francis Mooney; and Chris Crosbie and Manny Smith in which the veteran CeeBee landed a several good shots. The fourth pairing was an unlikely one as Blades netminder Doug OBrien and CeeBees call-up Adam OBrien briefly tussled. No Emery or shades Jonathan Roy here. Theres a lot of talk that OBrien, who skated the length of the ice to the Blades defensive zone to meet Jewer, could have put his status with his junior club, the Mask Security Celtics, in jeopardy heading into the playoffs. OBrien was assessed a gross misconduct by ref Chris Bishop and under Hockey Canada rules, any player who has been assessed a gross misconduct or match penalty or other penalty where the rule so indicates, shall be reported to the President of H.N.L for disciplinary action. As per the constitution, OBrien is not permitted to take part in any further games until his case has been dealt with. So a senior suspension is probably forthcoming. But since suspensions can only be served in the league in which it was issued, OBrien should, as far as HNLs constitution reads, be good to go for the Celtics playoff run. Its interesting to note as well that neither of the CeeBees tough guys, Shane Gamberg or big Graham Jackman were in the lineup. Whether the pair will be in the lineup when the CeeBees and Blades round out the Avalon East season Friday night at the Glacier is irrelevant. Round 2 is not going to happen. Its the last game of the season and I highly doubt C.B.N. coach Eddie Oates is going to risk foolish injuries with a bid for a fourth straight Herder set to begin. And with Friday night being fan appreciation night at the Glacier and Carbonear-Harbour Grace MHA Jerome Kennedy and Harbour Grace mayor Don Coombs invited along with Mount Pearl South MHA Dave Denine and Mount Pearl Mayor Randy Simms as part of a support Harbour Grace for Hockeyville initiative, I cant imagine Blades bench boss Ed OBrien allowing any serious fisticuffs in front of the dignitaries. But I could be wrong (Lord knows I have been before). There are some 500 CeeBees fans expected at the Glacier. Who knows what effect they could have when mixed in with 500 Mount Pearl fans.

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