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  • willy
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    Hello Kenn , i concur , somethings never change . I used to work with a fellow whose son was a decent hockey player and went on to join the OPP ( Ontario Provincial Police ) , and was posted to Thunder Bay Ont . Well , the son caught on with the Thunder Bay Twins of the senior league and that year they ended up in the Allan Cup playdowns in Corner Brook against the Royals . I wasn't there at the games , but my co-worker brought into work a few of the Thunder Bay papers that described the treatment the Ontario team got after coming back to win the series . I was embarassed to a point because he knew that he had no qualms with all the Newfs on the job . All i could do was make light of it and say the first thing that popped into my head which was , Tell Andy , he's lucky he was playing hockey , and not going to bingo , lol . He had a good chuckle . The Fans gotta lighten up . It's not just NL , it's all over . I see it here all the time . Nobody out there doesn't think that their Son or Daughter isn't the second coming of Bobby Orr or Hayley Wickenheiser . Don't get all Likkered up and get so emotional that you risk injury , prosecution , or some other fate that you will eventually regret . Don't turn sports venues into places of venting hate like they do in many of the large sporting centers in Europe . They have sections in many soccer stadiums over there that are basically classified as violent and non-violent . Grow up !! Who wants to end up in jail for something that was supposed to be an entertaining evening out .