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St. John's -

Its one thing to be passionate about something you love. Its another thing altogether to let that passion bring out the worst in you. Last week it was a scuffle on ice that spilled over into the stands at a high school hockey game at the Glacier between rivals Mount Pearl senior and ODonel. Police were called. The police had to be called in to Clarenville Stadium Saturday night after things escalated out of control of the volunteer security guards following the Caribous 2-1 overtime win over the visiting Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts. And weve all heard what happened with this years Confederation Cup. Just like the old days, as they would say. Problem is, they are old days ways. Correct me if Im wrong, but this is 2009... right? Youd think by now, living in an enlightened enough society as we do, that people would come to terms with the reality painful a pill to swallow as it is that its just a game. Nothing more. Everyone goes home to a real life off the ice with exams, wives, kids, mortgages, etc. Theres no reason for any fan, regardless of their relation to any team or any of its players, to create problems or engage in any sort of lowbrow activity in the stands with one another, or worse yet, the players on the ice. If the only purpose is for you to feel like a bigger person, well my advice is to suck it up or stay home. In short, grow up. Quit ruining experiences for people many of whom are children and mentally well-balanced hockey fans who attend hockey to see a quality event (on-ice fisticuffs included) not for a front row seat of your arena lounge induced personal dramas. And the same goes for players and coaches who sink so low as to retaliate. Know your role, know your place. Stick to what matters: the game.

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  • willy
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    Hello Kenn , i concur , somethings never change . I used to work with a fellow whose son was a decent hockey player and went on to join the OPP ( Ontario Provincial Police ) , and was posted to Thunder Bay Ont . Well , the son caught on with the Thunder Bay Twins of the senior league and that year they ended up in the Allan Cup playdowns in Corner Brook against the Royals . I wasn't there at the games , but my co-worker brought into work a few of the Thunder Bay papers that described the treatment the Ontario team got after coming back to win the series . I was embarassed to a point because he knew that he had no qualms with all the Newfs on the job . All i could do was make light of it and say the first thing that popped into my head which was , Tell Andy , he's lucky he was playing hockey , and not going to bingo , lol . He had a good chuckle . The Fans gotta lighten up . It's not just NL , it's all over . I see it here all the time . Nobody out there doesn't think that their Son or Daughter isn't the second coming of Bobby Orr or Hayley Wickenheiser . Don't get all Likkered up and get so emotional that you risk injury , prosecution , or some other fate that you will eventually regret . Don't turn sports venues into places of venting hate like they do in many of the large sporting centers in Europe . They have sections in many soccer stadiums over there that are basically classified as violent and non-violent . Grow up !! Who wants to end up in jail for something that was supposed to be an entertaining evening out .