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  • Mary
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    As usual, Kenn, your column is interesting, to say the least. But as you know , this was more than just a Hockeyville competition for us...this was also about promoting our Town of HR. Grace... the Home of Champions and a town , that could really be called A Hockey Ville.We are very proud of what we accomplished.We really put everything into this, and have no regrets. A lot if new friends were bought together and a lot of good thing happened here in the last little while. The youth of the whole area had a big involvement in this event...Hundreds of children from all parts of the region did amazing posters about thier favorite Heros, and displaying comments that amazed us adults, and for that alone, we are thankful. Our Hockeyville Committe has only started...there will be other great things in our Future for Hr. Grace and Our surrounding areas.we thank you for your past blogs and your plugs to help us in our quest for the title, and look forward to future communication with you. We are indeed very PROUD of our accomplishment..and Hats of to Terrace, BC..Well done!