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  • Bayman
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    My opinion is that if Ryan Delaney's goal in overtime in game 2 was actually called a goal (instead of being waved off despite the goal judge calling it a goal), it would have been a completely different series. If it would have been 1-1 going into game 3, and if the the Ceebees won game 3 (which they did in overtime), going into game 4 with CBN up 2-1 would have been a massively different series. The game of hockey is one of momentum shifts.

    The CeeBees did NOT put everything they had into this series. That was evident when they gave up 3 breakaways that all resulted in goals in game 5. That completely took the wind out of their sails. They became complacent, almost disinterested.

    Not to take anything away from the Caribous. When the CeeBees did seem to give up, the 'bous poured it on, keeping the pedal to the metal. They were relentless.

    And yes, Diamond did give up quite a few softies. While most of the CeeBees shots were unscreened from the perimeter, Churchill made huge saves in tight when he had to, on guys like Delaney and Wadden.

    So in my opinion, defensive lapses and soft goals created huge shifts in momentum. That, and an uncalled goal in overtime.