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  • Paul
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    Bay Roberts has applied to enter the Avalon East next year. If this happens it will be bad news for senior hockey in CBN and for the Avalon East league. There's not enough senior A calibre players in CBN to support two successful teams from this area. Adding another team from the area will result in two weak teams from CBN, neither of which will be able to compete for the Herder. It will eventually lead to the end of seniior hockey in the area like what happened in the late 90's.

    Right now, the CBN CeeBee Stars have players, fans, and sponsors from all over Conception Bay and this is why they have been successful the past few years.

    Besides, the overall talent of the Avalon East has fallen in the past few years because of players leaving for the west coast and the league has too many teams now. Adding another team will water it down even more, it will end up being nothing more than a glorified recreation league!

    CBN Fan