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St. John's -

Its been a while since my last hit. Would you believe me if I told you I was being held hostage by disgruntled CeeBees fans? No? I didnt think so. The reality is after the local hockey season ended, I took some vacation time and returned to cover off vacations within our department. But I have returned to a regular rotation and so has Overtime. Where to begin... * * * * * ... with gloating, of course. Im proud to say I was the only person within the Tely Sports to predict the Chicago Blackhawks would down the Vancouver Canucks in the second round of the NHL playoffs. But I didnt just pick them to put myself ahead in our little Tely Staffers playoff picks (although it will surely help my cause), but more because I believe Roberto Luongo is the second most overrated netminder (Carey Price takes No. 1 spot) and the current generation of Canucks lack the discipline and skill to ever make it past the second round. And really, did they get $5-million worth out of Sundin? Maybe in ticket and merchandise sales, but they dont bring Cups to town. Do they? Nuff said. * * * * * The most delightful news this post-season is the possibility of Pierre McGuire leaving the media side of hockey for the management side with the NHLs Minnesota Wild. Anyone who has ever sat and watched a game on TSN with me will tell you I spend more time ranting and roaring about his pithy and overly personal colour-commentary than I do watching the game itself. I know McGuires been around the rink, so to speak, and certainly has more hockey knowledge in within that shiny dome than I do in my ginger-haired head. But I like my colour guys to articulate well formulated opinions on the game without yelling at me on my coach. Mr. McGuire seems incapable of doing that. Not to mention his disturbing fascination with Dion Phaneuf and Milan Lucic. We get it Pierre, theyre MONSTERS!!! Chill out man. * * * * * I hate to sound like a certain hockey commentator known for his garish, sometimes vertigo-inducing sports coats, but eventually Alexander Ovechkins on-ice antics will catch up with him. This series with Pittsburgh has been a real eye-opener as to the way he plays the game. He doesnt control his stick. He takes three and four strides into every check and leaves his feet on 90 per cent of them. Im not discounting Ovechkins value to the game, and Ill be the first to admit I dont mind his eccentric goal celebrations. But he doesnt play the game with respect for other players and hes made a point, on several occasions, of bringing his personal vendettas to the ice think Crosby, Malkin, Gonchar. Real stars dont play the game like that. Not in todays NHL. One of these days, Ovies recklessness is going to injure an key component of another team and when those two teams meet again, I wouldnt be surprised to see some has-been or never-will-be AHL or ECHL goon get the call from the parent club to come in to straighten him out, one way or another. It isnt the professional way to go about things, but it is the reality. * * * * * I promised not to do blog on senior hockey until next season, but some juicy news came across my desk this week I simply cannot ignore. Its yet to be confirmed, but rumour has it Bay Roberts are planning on entering team into the Labatt Avalon East Senior Hockey League in time for next season. This raises a lot of questions, none more important that what does this mean for the CeeBees? And if what many people say about the quality of the East league falling off in recent years is true, what then does it say for the league? One CBN fan said his concern is that another team will water down an already non-competitive league and it will end up being nothing more than a glorified recreation league! Something to think about. Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador AGM next month and LOTS to talk about there. Should be interesting.

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  • George
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    The rumour about a Bay Roberts Team in the Senior Hockey League is a total bunch of crap. Bay Roberts can't even draw fan support to its junior games or its triple A team, plus the Bay Arena is too small to accomidate enough fans to pay for one road trip.
    So either you just needed something to talk about or somebody is pulling your leg. Maybe its just wishfull thinking on the part of fans of the southern shore who hope to get a chance at winning by having to a play a diluted CBN Team.