No more Eddie Belfours

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But there's a Pekka Rinne? Uh... who?

St. John's -

Sports editor Robin Short recently remarked how all the goaltenders this postseason are suspect. No one goaltender stands out and everyone is under scrutiny. And he's right, the broadcasters and panels have spent twice as much time analyzing goaltending as they have all other aspects of the game. But what bothers me is the lack of great playoff goaltenders nowadays. Maybe it was the growth of the equipment or the rule changes, but the wow factor isn't there anymore. And I'm not talking about Hasek or Roy. I remember great playoff performances by Eddie Belfour, Mick Richter, John Vanbiesbrouck, heck even Glenn Healey. But I'm not seeing a lot of that anymore. Speaking of playoff goalies... Next season, the Canucks need to do the right thing and put the C on a Sedin. Having Luongo as captain through the regular season is one thing, but come playoff time, I think the man with the C needs to be on the ice. With LOU liable to stink it up every third game it seems, what good is he at the end of the bench trying to suck out the answer to the question: What's G? Vancouver, Canada's best hope of a Cup this season, got a win tonight for two reasons: one big save by Bobby Lou and a sick goal by Samuelsson on a brilliant Sedin feed. They pulled it together at the right time and evened up. Here's hoping they prove me wrong in the Tely playoff prognostication. Unless it means losing to JB.

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