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This blog was launched in February 2007 at All posts prior to June 2007 are still available for reading at that location. For your browsing convenience, I have compiled the following table of contents with links to all posts. -GM

MAY 2007

May 28, 2007: Karl Wells announces his retirement from CBC

May 25, 2007: Announcement that the Meeker On Media blog is moving to The Telegram's web site

May 22, 2007: VOCM news reporter Scott Chafe passes away

May 21, 2007: A pitstop with quick commentary on Bob Wakeham and Ryan Cleary

May 18, 2007: Peter Walsh leaves CBC in Toronto to join The Telegram

May 17, 2007: CBC Radio Noon Crosstalk program on abortion raises a ruckus

May 16, 2007: Independent Editor is dissed for stumping at a political rally

May 15, 2007: Geoff's first technology column in The Telegram is posted

May 14, 2007: Atlantic Journalism Award winners are announced

May 13, 2007: Were audience numbers at the anti-Harper rally inflated by patriotic spin?

May 10, 2007: A photo of Rex you won't believe

May 9, 2007: National Post reporter Claudia Cattaneo opines on the local oil and gas industry

May 8, 2007: Craig Westcott's CBC Radio Morning Show commentary invokes the ghost of George Orwell in questioning spending priorities

May 7, 2007: Ken Regular takes a new position with CTV Toronto

May 4, 2007: A review of Stuart McLean's live Vinyl Café show in St. John's

May 4, 2007: A spot-on comment from an On The Go listener

May 3, 2007: Awards are no big deal until you win one

May 3, 2007: Greg Locke's journey picks up national coverage

May 2, 2007: Next steps for CBC Radio Noon, after Anne Budgell's retirement

May 1, 2007: A hilarious case of mistaken identity on live TV

APRIL 2007

April 30, 2007: Final On The Go show from old CBC building left bitter taste

April 27, 2007: Anne Budgell talks about her retirement from CBC

April 27, 2007: Marking the final day of the old CBC Radio building

April 26, 2007: Nightmare for Labrador couple in the Dominican Republic

April 21, 2007: The fakery of fast food photography; consumerism as art

April 19, 2007: NBC says the right thing about Virginia Tech

April 19, 2007: CBC's Tony Burman talks about Virginia Tech coverage

April 18, 2007: Big surprise: Virginia Tech killer produced a press kit

April 17, 2007: CBC Editor in Chief Tony Burman talks to Meeker on Media about Virginia Tech

April 16, 2007: Meeker on Media talks to Elliott Leyton, just hours after Virginia Tech

April 15, 2007: Craig Westcott's speech continues to make ripples

April 12, 2007: Sledworthy magazine needs to ramp up its safety message

April 11, 2007: The Muse takes satirical aim at The Independent

April 10, 2007: You read it here first: Anne Budgell announces her retirement from CBC

April 9, 2007: When rumours shouldn't make headines

April 7, 2007: A cute little ditty from Al Clouston

April 6, 2007: CBC gets exclusive on Nelson Hart confession tapes

April 5, 2007: A failing grade for math program changes

April 4, 2007: Greg Locke follows human tide to Alberta

April 2, 2007: Recognizing quality journalism

April 2, 2007: Ken Meeker and his adventures at the front

April 1, 2007: Scott Feschuk on Williams' equalization battle

MARCH 2007

March 31, 2007: Meeker on Media talks to Wade Locke about media coverage of current events (Part 2)

March 31, 2007: Analysis on media coverage of current events, particular to failed Hebron project (Part 1)

March 30, 2007: Craig Westcott's NOIA speech draws record traffic

March 29, 2007: Craig Westcott's speech to NOIA: Weighing the Cost of Lost Opportunities

March 28, 2007: What do reporters think of the media table?

March 28, 2007: Most frequent search subject: Father Wayne Dohey

March 27, 2007: A candid exchange between journalists (on the Paul Piggot case)

March 26, 2007: An epitaph for The Express (from Craig Welsh)

March 25, 2007: Why we didn't see crucial videotaped evidence of Nelson Hart

March 24, 2007: Marketing your own company (Jellybean Row) can be tricky

March 24, 2007: Does it make us angry or uncomfortable?

March 23, 2007: The Express has folded it's gone

March 19, 2007: Anne Budgell skewers Anthony Jenkins over seal hunt cartoon

March 17, 2007: Another take on the Mark Smith trial

March 16, 2007: Stay tuned more on the way!

March 15, 2007: A few bad apples in the lottery barrel

March 14, 2007: The new Current is drifting out to sea

March 13, 2007: We should think about the victim first not Father Dohey or parishioners

March 12, 2007: Former Current publisher goes on trial

March 8, 2007: A little known chapter in our history (involving Jewish refugees) in WWII

March 8, 2007: George Murphy won't be a free agent for long

March 7, 2007: Time vs. Maclean's: and the winner is

March 6, 2006: More questionable marketing stunts

March 5, 2007: Avalon caribou are safe for now

March 2, 2007: David Cochrane's speech had quite an impact

March 1, 2007: John Hickey's defamation suit is proceeding

February 28, 2007: David Cochane's speech to the Board of Trade on "patriotic correctness"

February 27, 2007: Greg Tiller's poem foreshadowed loss of Ocean Ranger

February 26, 2007: Rob Antle's Internal Economy Commission article will win awards

February 26, 2007: Unionized anchors impede change at Here & Now

February 26, 2007: A compelling editorial in The Muse

February 24, 2007: A note on my policy about anonymous posts (they aren't permitted)

February 23, 2007: CBC Here & Now could use a makeover

February 22, 2007: The Independent threatened to sue blogger

February 21, 2007: CBC erased priceless local programs Originally published in The Sunday Express, 1990

February 20, 2007: Living NL is a great bit of fun

February 19, 2007: CAJ Media magazine is highly recommended

February 19, 2007: Russian deportee may have been killed

February 16, 2007:Reflections on the Ocean Ranger'

February 15, 2007: Perceptions do compress with the passage of time

February 15, 2007: Quite a retraction from Consumer Reports'

February 14, 2007: 'Current' magazine sold to James Baird

February 14, 2007: David Cochrane to address Board of Trade

February 13, 2007: Tactical error for Hickey and Williams

February 13, 2007: New sports paper could use a good editor


This blog was preceded by the monthly Media Spotlight column that ran in The Express newspaper, from May 2002 to February 2006. At the time, I knew that a monthly column was only scratching the surface of the local media scene, as demonstrated by the wide variety of material in this blog. The following archive contains a selection of Express columns that remain relevant or interesting.

Published March 2006: It's time to probe deeper on immigration

Published February 2006: The best media job in the province

Published December 2005: Privacy laws are wiping out public accountability

Published October 2004: Vaughn Whelan's ad stunt was a beautiful failure

Published September 2004: When journalists go undercover

Published April 2004: Bob Wakeham's journalistic influence is immense

Published January 2004: Toxic headines are making me ill

Published December 2003: The Bagbys are newsmakers of the year

Published August 2003: PR battle looms over fighting words

Published June 2003: Talking to PR people about media

Published April 2003: How journalists deal with death

Published February 2003: Northeast Avalon Times: The little newspaper that could

Published December 2002: Mayor Andy Wells locks horns over PR approach

Published October 2002: Major crisis communication blunder in B.C.

Published August 2002: Oh SHIT: That photo of the HITS FM van

Published July 2002: Why the news media are always so negative'

Published May 2002: Introduction to first newspaper column

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