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Rogers Cable brings us a Summer Breeze

A summer breeze is rolling in, washing away all that fog.

Well, not quite summer is still a hold-out, as far as I'm concerned.

Looks like we'll have to settle for Summer Breeze, the summer replacement for Out of the Fog on the Rogers Community Channel. Like the rest of us, with our fish-belly-white skin, the show will be getting out as much as possible during this brief - and perhaps theoretical - Newfoundland summer.

The season started Tuesday, June 26, with co-hosts Peter Samson and Deborah Collins, shown above. (Paddy Daly and Krissy Holmes, hosts of Out of the Fog, will also make occasional appearances in supporting roles.)

In an interview, Samson said the host role is "a new thing" for him, though he does conduct interviews on Out of the Fog. Samson admits he is a little nervous about sitting in the host's chair.

"Part of the reason I'm doing it is to get back and see if I've got it in me or not, to see if I want to go that route," he chuckled. "I have no illusions about what Paddy and Krissy go through on a daily basis!"

Collins and Samson will co-host Monday through Thursday, and Friday will be something of a wild card day, with the show being produced in a remote location.

"Most likely, that will be downtown, and I will be hosting it on my own," Samson said. "I'm not sure fully what Friday is going to turn into but it's most likely going to be taped on George Street. That will have a little bit of a different feel but I'm not quite sure how so yet. Certainly there will be more hand held camera"

And why George Street specifically?

"We were looking for somewhere that is, I guess, on the go' in the summertime," Samson said, adding that the show will not try to duplicate the offbeat humour of George Street TV.

Summer Breeze will have a different feel from Out of the Fog, he said, primarily because of the impact the summer season will have on shooting locations (not to mention different hosts).

"Last summer what we did with Summer Breeze was a bit more non-traditional than Out of the Fog, which has its own format and feel. I think last year what we did with Breeze was just get out more. We had a lot of mobiles we did the Governor General when she was here, we did a special at the garden party, and mobiles from The Rooms, longliners, DFO boats and all that sort of stuff. So we will certainly be getting back at that, getting out as much as possible, doing a lot of our interviews outside of the studio. But we will continue to have a studio base as well, with some interviews on the couch and that sort of thing It'll be more of the same but the same is kind of different."

Just as the sounds of local music could be heard through the Fog, it will also be drifting on the Breeze, only this music will be recorded live at outdoor locations.

"Last summer we did a number of block tapings. We taped from Portugal Cove, with a number of bands out on a nice sunny day with the ocean and the sun and the clouds in the background. We'll be doing the same sort of thing again this year."

Speaking of Music, Samson said Summer Breeze will bring substantial coverage next week of the Festival 500 Sharing the Voices event, offering coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies airing on Mondays as well as live segments recorded at various concerts.

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