Weekly Photo Feature #4

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Concert shots of Sass Jordan and Rod Stewart

With the buzz starting to build again around Canadian Idol and Newfoundland's Tara Oram, this is as good a time as any to dust off my concert photos of Sass Jordan, one of the Idol judges.

Jordan, you may recall, was something of a rock star in her own right, with hits like "Tell Somebody", "Make You a Believer", "So Hard" and "High Road Easy" during the Nineties. Although popular in Canada, Jordan didn't break out big in the U.S., and is more famous now than ever for her gig on Canadian Idol. Which, in my humble opinion, is a trifle unfair as Jordan had and presumably still has an amazing set of pipes.

These photos were taken August 13, 1989 at the Rod Stewart concert, for which Sass Jordan and another local group were the opening acts. It was an afternoon show that took place on the soccer pitch on the north shore of Quidi Vidi Lake, near the Lions Club. At the time, I was entertainment editor with The Sunday Express, and had the luxury of a backstage pass which allowed me to take shots from behind the barricade.

On the upside, I was working with daylight so didn't have to worry so much about exposure challenges created by concert lighting. That, however, was also the downside I didn't have the benefit of coloured lighting to create all those dramatic effects!

Today, I present three photos of Sass Jordan in performance that day.

And for the heck of it, I'm tossing in a couple of Rod Stewart as well.

Click on the images to zoom in for a better view. It sure beats binoculars!

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