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Arachnid takes up residence in front of webcam

I confess, I have not been enamoured of the CBC NL webcam, since they closed the radio building on Duckworth Street. Intead of that nice view of the Narrows - I once watched a cruise ship come in on that cam - we now have a rather flat view of the parkway and surrounding buildings.

Ah well. Such is the price of progress.

Things have taken a turn for the better these last few days, however. It seems a wandering spider, and a good-sized one at that, has spun a web right in front of the wecam lens. We now have the rather ominous image of giant spider from hell, about to pounce on an unsuspecting motorist.

Go to the CBC web site and click on the cam image for a larger look. It's great fun.

The intrepid folks at CBC have seized the day, and On the Go host Ted Blades has already launched a Name The Spider contest. Check out the following story, from the CBC web site:

Good Charlotte? Bad Boris? Help name the CBC webcam spider

It looks, for a moment, like an image from a bad horror movie, with an arachnid invasion of a university campus.

Appearances, though, can be deceiving. It is merely a spider that has spun a web smack-dab in front of the CBC.ca webcam in St. John's.

The spider, which has been on the scene since at least this weekend, has spun a web that measures about a metre long, outside the window where the webcam is anchored.

The webcam is pointed at the Prince Philip Parkway and the north side of Memorial University's campus.

On Tuesday, a second, smaller spider spun its web nearby. A number of flies which look like specks of dust on the webcam screen dot the two webs.

The larger spider has attracted enough interest for CBC Radio's Ted Blades to solicit possible names from his listeners. Early suggestions include famous spiders like Charlotte, the heroine of E.B. White's Charlotte's Web, and Boris, the subject of the rumbling 1966 Who song Boris the Spider.

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