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Back in the saddle and rearin' to go

With a great vacation behind me, I'm back in the saddle and champing at the bit. My family arrived back in town late Saturday night, after two weeks of scorching sun, theme parks and strolling the beach searching for sand dollars.

I have been completely out of touch with the local media scene and have already started calling around to see what's been going on behind the scenes. I was able to catch up on major political developments by reading Ed Hollett's Bond Papers, which is especially helpful because his commentaries include links to the stories that inspire them.

The resumption of Hebron negotiations is a major piece of news. Hollet's insightful analysis of this issue is recommended reading for reporters looking for questions to take into scrums with the premier. On this issue, I fall into the camp that is willing to forgive the sloppy way the file has been handled, as long as the negotiated deal is good for the province and some momentum is returned to the local industry. (For more on this subject, check my post of March 31, 2007.)

I see that The Telegram published an interesting editorial about bloggers, in which this writer was one of several mentioned. I may offer some comment on that in the days ahead.

Before going on vacation, I was tagged by Ryan Cleary of The Independent and then Randy Simms of VOCM Open Line. Cleary had responded to my post of July 31 by asking me to divulge who I work for the insinuation being that I may have a hidden agenda. Randy Simms subsequently read Cleary's comments on his show. I will respond to Cleary and Simms in some detail over the next few days (the post was started some time ago but temporarily halted by my vacation).

That July 31 post also generated a comment from a reader that I have not yet approved for posting; at least not until the reader explains why he is slurring a respected local journalist. I do not engage in drive-by smears of reputation. When I criticize someone, I give good reasons for doing so. I expect the same in the comments section.

I have lots more great stuff "in the can" and will bring it home in the days ahead, including an item about an international celebrity who is still seething about a racial slur made some years ago by a well known local media personality.

In the meantime, feel free to send me your suggestions for future blog items.

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  • Nadine
    July 27, 2010 - 14:53

    Glad to see you back! I checked out Jelly Bean Row, and have to say I am impressed...enough to hide the credit cards. For now. May even blog about it myself someday.