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Scrum proceeds today without incident

I have it from a couple of reliable sources that David Cochrane was an active participant - without incident - in today's scrum at Confederation Building.

Word is, Cochrane asked the first four questions, and the premier answered them all. Cochrane asked several more during the scrum, and received complete and meaningful answers to each. There was no ducking or counter-punches.

However, toward the end of the scrum, Tara Brautigam of Canadian Press asked the premier if Cochrane was still cut off from media contact.

The premier paused, then said, "Next question."

Read into that what you will. It may have been a quick way out of an awkward moment, and nothing more. Or it could mean that the boycott stands.

I think the premier will soften in his position - if he hasn't already - and quietly drop his boycott. He has to recognize that he can't, as a policy, freeze out one of the best and most influential journalists in the province. He has probably heard some of the fall-out subsequent to Friday's events, and knows his position is untenable. There is also the fact that Cochrane had his facts right.

That the premier didn't freeze Cochrane out of the scrum doesn't tell us much either. It would be pointless and much too awkward to attempt this. We won't know Cochrane's status until he requests a one-on-one interview.

Until then, stay tuned...

Postscript: The media asked Liberal Leader Yvonne Jones about this issue during her media scrum as well. "She basically said it comes as no surprise, won't stop her from asking questions and hopes it won't stop the media," my source said.

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