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For Baby Boomers who think 70 is the new 50

Sometimes, during an interview, the subject will say something that is particularly penetrating and insightful, but doesn't relate directly to the topic at hand. I had just such a comment yesterday, in my discussion with the anonymous doctor, about the low priority our health care system seems to place on the care of seniors.

I am offering that comment today, because I think it stands alone as a point that needs to be made for many of the aging Baby Boom generation.

"Baby boomers think they are going to be 70, and be as healthy as they were at 50. They all think that they aren't going to age the way their parents aged. And the reality is that they are, for the most part. They may be in somewhat better health, because maybe some of them didn't smoke or drink as much, whatever. They think they're still going to hold the power. But the minute you stop having taxable income, your power with government disappears. If they think that this health care system is going to be able to address their needs in 10 years, with the way the government is handling the situation now, they are wrong. Because what is happening now (in the health care system) will affect what's here in 10 years. And the boomers are going to be ill-served by the physicians in this province. Because the average age of physicians is all boomer age. They are all going to be retiring. And we're not getting any new ones to come in. That's the reality. Our province is aging rapidly, and that includes the physicians. We do not have young physicians. It's the future, and it's ugly, I know."

The doctor even had a message for journalists, who haven't picked up this angle of the story yet.

"They will get it when they're 70, and are wondering Why can't I be seen' and Why don't these doctors know what to do with me'. Well, let me tell you this. When I was younger, I would have been your doctor, but in the future, I'll be there in the waiting room with you."

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