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Kyran Pittman takes chomp out of the Big Apple

She authors Notes to Self, one of the best-written blogs in North America.

She hails from Newfoundland.

And she has just had published a seven-page article in Good Housekeeping Magazine. Circulation 23 million, worldwide.

Yet, Kyran Pittman is virtually unknown in her home province (save for a few items on CBC Radio).

The daughter of late poet Al Pittman, and a poet in her own right, Kyran has had an incredible life to date. She left Newfoundland more than a decade ago, to connect with her future husband, an American whom she had met online. They settled in Arkansas, and are now raising three children.

Earlier this year, the couple ran into financial difficulty (which I wouldn't mention if Kyran hadn't blogged about it) and were forced to sell their home. Things seemed to hit a low point.

But talk about a rebound. They found another house they loved, and were soon back on their financial feet. Kyran had already had a few of her blog entries published in Good Housekeeping, which is a coup in itself. But then she pitched them on an article.

"The pitch came from feeling frustrated with yet another women's magazine article on Wardrobe "Essentials" that added up to thousands of dollars," Kyran wrote on her flickr page. "I challenged Good Housekeeping to let a real mom find out just how essential "investment" clothes are in real life. They went for it in a wonderful way."

The result was a four-day assignment in New York City, complete with photographer, art director, makeup artist and her own trailer (with bagels and coffee inside). Of course, it doesn't hurt that Kyran has the looks of a model, but she's self-effacing about this and is a gifted writer, by any measure.

If you need convincing, I recommend you read this blog entry, upon which I rest my case.

"I am too excited and too grateful to too many people to play this one cool," Kyran wrote in her blog. "Seven and a half pages in the fifth biggest magazine in the world. I am about as proud of this story as anything I have ever written..."

I suggest you pick up a copy of the August edition of Good Housekeeping, if you can find it. In the meantime, you can read Kyran's blog entry about her experience and even browse her personal photo album from the trip.

To repeat a comment I left at Kyran's blog, there must be a God. And She must wear Prada.

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