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VOCM Nightline host is moving to the newsroom

In a previous post about Ryan Cleary's new job as host of VOCM Nightline, I made a mistake.

Well, more of an assumption really. I don't think I misstated any facts.

My assumption was that VOCM was moving the show's previous host, Linda Swain, out of the position to make way for Cleary.

That is not the case at all.

I have been attempting to talk with Swain these last few days, and we have exchanged some emails. Here's what I know for sure: Linda Swain is not leaving VOCM. She is moving of her own accord back to the newsroom. Therefore, the station is hiring Cleary as a replacement for Swain.

Which puts a whole different spin on things. And therefore, my remark at the end of the last post, about VOCM being the "Voice of the Chauvinist Males" was intemperate. Yes, it could be said that they should look harder for a good female host I can think of several who would be fabulous but they didn't bump off Swain to hire Cleary, which is an important distinction, in my view.

Just thought I should get that on the record, in the interest of fairness

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  • Peter
    July 27, 2010 - 14:53

    I'm glad if it is a voluntary move by LS, but it's still a turn for the worse. With CBC in the mornings now terminally dumbed-down, we're losing a lot of what was locally listenable.