Down on the Nurses?

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Some questions about the Question of the Day

Check out the VOCM Question of the Day.

Today's question is, "Do you agree with the Williams government's move to take the 20 per cent template off the table at this time? Why or why not?"

Right now, at 10:21 am, there are 2702 votes, with 77 percent saying yes, Danny is right, 20 percent saying no, and three percent not sure.

I honestly don't think that number is genuine. Nurses may not have the majority of people on their side, but I don't believe for a minute that they have just 20 percent support.

I think the trained monkeys who work on behalf of the provincial government whether on salary or voluntarily are clicking away in their homes and offices, manipulating the vote in government's favour.

There is a way to find out.

I would suggest that nurses, or those who support them, sit down at their computers and start voting No'. By clicking repeatedly, the No vote can easily catch up to the Yes.

My prediction? As the No vote gains, the Yes vote will suddenly pull ahead, as the trained monkeys click harder, faster, in greater numbers (which will also indicate a high degree of organization on the pro-government side). Even if the Yes vote wins it will easily go as high as 25,000 votes the sudden Yes resurgence will prove I am right.

I wrote about this before, here, here and here. If you are interested in the subject of vote stacking, I suggest you read those posts, in order of their appearance.

Here are the instructions, as worded in a previous post:

First, you have to turn off the cookies in your Internet browser. (Cookies leave your digital calling card at other sites, which tell them that you have visited or, in this case, voted previously.) Just select the Preferences panel in your web browser and click Never accept cookies' or Disable cookies'. The wording may vary but the meaning is the same.

Now go to the Question of the Day and click on the No button. Then click it again. And again. You can click many times a minute; hundreds of times per hour.

While this game is a great way to have fun and influence public opinion, I insist that you play it for today only. Because, honestly, it is offensive and stupid to do this every day.

So, please don't make a habit of this.

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Recent comments

  • Dennis
    July 27, 2010 - 14:53

    These questions of the day have no statistical validity whatsoever, for a host of reasons. I'm not sure whether the folks at VOCM don't understand this, or just don't care. I hope the former, but I wouldn't be surprised either way. I like Randy Simms a lot, so I die a little inside whenever he reports the results of those polls as though they mean something other than what 'vocm-listeners-with-phone/internet access-who-care-to-participate' (supposedly) believe.

    At least they're not as blatant as Pierre, over at Bourque Newsbought.