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  • Duane
    July 27, 2010 - 14:53

    I agree with banning fighting in amateur hockey provided they stiffen the penalties for stick infractions. Proponents of fighting say it's needed as a measure of self enforcement to keep players from sticking or taking cheap shots at other players because they know they won't have to answer to fisticuffs. If penalities for serious infractions were tougher, and I mean a lot tougher, then it would take care of itself.

    I'm ok with keeping fighting in the Pro ranks. It's their livelihood and it's their decision. Plus, with the way salaries are now and cap issues, and talent spreand among so many teams, it's hard enough to get 2 scoring lines with a checking line and then a fourth line for energy/more toughness/fighting. Fighting does provide entertainment and again, it's a professional league and a business.