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  • Brian
    July 27, 2010 - 14:53

    Regarding the last posting, "Musings on Defeat," I was going to write a few comments of support for Kerri Breen and the people at The Muse, advising them to not take the vote personally. The students' rejection of the request for $4 per term for The Muse rather than $2 is not so much a judgment upon The Muse and its staff, as it is a reflection of the fact that there are indeed many people, including those on campuses, who do not understand the importance of the media and the fundamental role that freedom of speech and freedom of the press play in a democratic society. This is an issue that Breen and her fellow Muse staffers will likely come across time and time again when they move into professional journalism. Just this week, reporters in St. John's were told to leave a room where Health Minister Ross Wiseman was going to make a speech. Most journalists could cite a list of similar examples or experiences. Regarding the most recent posting, "Breen Again," it is exquisite timing that Breen has been named a winner of the EU award. Congratulations, Kerri, and don't be modest. Play that story prominently in The Muse.
    -- Brian Jones, Portugal Cove