Accused, Not Charged

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NTV has a chilling interview with Shannon Murrin

On Tuesday, while praising CBC Here Nows award for best newscast, I made some comments about the NTV Evening Newshour.

Including this one: Their reporting is solid, and they do break stories of their own.

Well, last night they broke a biggie. Reporter Glen Carter interviewed Shannon Murrin, who has been accused by Joey Oliver of killing Dale Worthman and Kim Lockyer.

Because he has been accused in a statement of facts that has been accepted by the court, Murrins point of view is quite relevant and newsworthy. And it should be noted that Murrin got the ball rolling by calling VOCMs Backtalk yesterday afternoon.

I didnt catch Backtalk, but I did read a summary from the media monitoring service. As well, Murrins girlfriend Cathy called the program, to defend Murrin.

The NTV item covered the same ground as the call to VOCM, but it also moved onto some disturbing new turf. In the latter moments of the interview, Murrin hinted that Oliver was in for big surprises when sent to prison.

It was a powerful, shocking, sensational interview. VOCM had it first, as a call-in (and then on its newscast), while NTV had it first for television. CBC was apparently shut out, though its playing catch-up today, with an interview of its own. And theres more to come: NTV will be airing part two of Carters discussion with Murrin tonight.

The news tonight, however, will likely be dominated by Oliver's sentence, which apparently is being handed down as I type this.

In case you missed the news last night, I have transcribed part one of the interview with Murrin:

Glen Carter: Shannon, in a statement of facts, Joey Oliver says that you were the trigger man the day that Dale Worthman and Kimberly Lockyer were killed. You deny that. Are you incensed or angry that this is included in the statement of facts?

Shannon Murrin: I am. Yeah, I am, because theres no evidence to support it. The likes of Joe Oliver, thats all they got. The likes of him, right. They say without Joes help the bodies wouldnt be found. I dont think Bas and Beryl (Dale Worthmans parents) would think very good about that because only for Joe Oliver they wouldnt be in the ground. Thats the way it is.

Carter: Joe Oliver makes a very compelling argument, a statement about this, a statement that has been accepted by the defence and the prosecution. A lot of people believe Joey Oliver.

Murrin: Well, what else can they do? Their hands are tied. The police, their hands are tied. He said in the beginning, when he went in witness protection, that I killed Kim and Dale. For no reason. I didnt know them. Decided I was going to shoot them. He said he was there. They cant prove otherwise. So whats the police force to do? Theyre afraid if they go to court and charge him with first degree (murder), hes going to walk. So what are they gonna do? They gotta take what they can get. The case is 100 percent solid. Joey Oliver knew where the bodies were at, and knew this for a lot of years.

The first time they asked me to go down three years ago Shannon will you come down and talk to us? I said, well, I really dont want to, but I will. I said now if you got a warrant for my arrest, tell me and Ill get a flight bag ready, pack some clothes Nope we dont want to arrest you. So I went down with my lawyer and said what do you want? How about a DNA sample? I said buddy you got it. I gave it to him there on the spot, and I said how about a polygraph? Ill take a polygraph and Ill take it right now. My lawyer was there, Mr. Hogan, was sat right next to me and they declined.

Carter: Have you ever taken a polygraph in respect to this matter?

Murrin: No. But I offered, right?

Carter: We heard a lot in the statement of facts from Joey Oliver that you are either a cold blooded killer or considerably hard done by because you are named as a cold-hearted killer that youve never been charged, never been tried, never been convicted. Whats your feeling about that?

Murrin: Joey Olivers the cold-hearted killer not me.

Carter: How do you find redress, if your name is being bandied about in terms of

Murrin: What do I do?

Carter: What do you do?

Murrin: I dont do nothing. I suck it up. Thats it. Sometimes you gotta suck things up. A lot of people are not going to like ya. Theres going to be a lot of people that hate ya. (pause) Of course, now, if they get in front of my face... (laughs) I dont know how I would react to that. If someone stood in front me and said that to me Oh, I hope that dont happen.

Tell you one thing. He might be smiling down in his prison cell now, but buddy, when he hits the big time I got a lot of friends.

Carter: That sounds like a threat.

Murrin: Joe Olivers gonna hes gonna have to do his time alone, in the hole, even in protective custody. Theyre up there now salivating, waiting for him. Yeah. Joe is going to find out Big surprises for Joe. Big surprise for Joe Oliver.

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  • Joe
    July 27, 2010 - 14:53

    I lived in BC around the time that Murrin was aquitted in the Mindy Tran case. In my opinion, this guy LOVES the attention and will talk to any media person who will listen. He and his lady were all over the news back then and here we are again. A second murder case and here's Murrin. Makes you wonder... I would hope the media will ignore the guy and let him crawl back under whatever rock he came out from.