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Look for more more, shorter entries in future

This blog has evolved since its inception in February of 2007. Its grown from shorter, quicker pieces into longer, more researched entries of 700 words and more.

Ive been posting longer pieces, less often.

And recently, Ive been posting even less.

When busy with my two other jobs, its difficult to focus on longer analytical pieces, those that require interviews, research and plenty of links.

So, on the assumption that readers dont expect such in-depth pieces with every post, and may even prefer lighter fare, I am changing course a little.

All too often, I react strongly to a news story, or how that story is covered, but my opinion may be short and sweet sometimes the equivalent of one saucy sentence. Getting pithy is fun, but it has to be brief in order to work. And how do you develop a lengthy blog post around that?

So from now on, look for more short, punchier items; the kind that dont require a day of research to produce. Yes, there will be still be longer essays just not as many. The result should be posts that appear with more frequency than in recent weeks.

To get the ball rolling and show you what I mean, heres a couple of zingers

Hopping mad

What was your reaction on hearing about the brewery retirees, angry about being cut back, from five dozen free beer a month to one dozen? Yeah, me too.: If thats the extent of your problems, count yourself lucky.

The story was picked up nationally by As It Happens, which must have seemed a major coup for the retirees. However, As It Happens pursues funny, offbeat and bizarre stories and this was no exception the show was having a bit of sport with the retirees situation not advancing their cause at all.

Put it this way. If the retirees had lost another non-contractual benefit, such as no more free taxi rides to the grocery store, would it make national headlines? I dont think so. Its the free beer that makes this story a novelty, and Im afraid the public is laughing at rather than supporting their cause.

Government should do something

How many times do we hear that phrase spoken, whenever there is a problem in our resource industries? And, almost without exception, it means, Government should step in and throw money at the problem (that is, at us).

I heard it again this week, in the extensive coverage of the shutdown in the shrimp fishery, which is being buffeted by global economic pressures. I have heard several people suggest that its high time for the province to somehow fix the situation.

To that, I can only say: give me a break!

Need I remind you that:

This same government persists in claiming, with a straight face, that no crisis exists in health care.

This same government caused the presidential recruitment mess at Memorial University.

This same government screwed up our math curriculum, but is still too proud to admit it (while students continue to suffer)?

This same government oversaw that wonderful success story that is Grand Falls-Windsor.

This same government watched quietly from the sidelines and allowed the Cameron Inquiry to run its course. (Not!)

Im sure you can come up with a few more. I know I can.

In the meantime, Williams government, please keep your hands off shrimp fishery. Its in a bad enough mess already.

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