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Let go for "budgetary reasons";
accepts new marketing position

Paddy Daly says he was let go for budgetary reasons.

In his first media interview since being dropped from Out of the Fog on Rogers TV, Daly confesses to being so shocked by it that he actually lied to some people.

On the day that it happened, I was so shocked that I didnt know if I was supposed to be embarrassed, or if I was supposed to be mad, said Daly, whose contract with Rogers was renewed in June for one year. I didnt know how to react because it had never happened to me before. So I asked the company if they would give me a chance for a few days to just leave it at some sort of mutual parting of ways, while I let it sink in. Ive been bombarded with questions, as you can imagine, and Ive actually told some people that I didnt have much to say, that is was an agreeable parting of ways. In essence, Ive been telling those people a lie, I suppose. So when I signed off my paperwork today with Rogers, I told them that the only way for me to move on and not have people think I may have quit and abandoned the show midstream is to simply tell the truth. And the truth was, I had been let go for a budget reason.

I expressed some skepticism about this, noting that Rogers had only recently staffed up, adding three on-air personalities to the mix. They must have known that such hiring would create budget issues.

Im not going to speculate because thats not really a question I can answer, Daly said. All I know is what I was told that my position was being eliminated for budget reasons, and that the staff at Rogers TV was told the same thing, that it was a budget cut and no more or no less.

Daly's understanding is that his position will not be replaced.

I asked if there had been any issues with Dalys work; if the viewer feedback had been positive.

Yes, it was, he said, adding that he was a consistent and hard worker who missed minimal time.

I really dont have anything disparaging to say, because I really dont, Daly said. Ive landed on my feet. Its a tough world. This happens to lots of good people. But I would like to thank, for starters, the volunteers and their families. I made a lot of great friends, and enjoyed working with them very much. I do want to thank Rogers TV for the opportunity. I had no background or training in the business. They took a chance with me. I ran with it, and I think we both were pleasantly surprised that it went as well as it did. And I wish the show all the best. I havent got a whole lot more to say about the parting of ways, except I was let go. I was surprised. And thats about it I am determined to move on, and take the high road. I am not going to grind an axe, of which I dont even know there is one to grind. I dont know what happened. All I know is, I was asked to come into the office, and was told I was being let go for budgetary reasons.

And Daly has already moved on he has accepted a new position with a local research organization.

I am lucky enough over the years to have developed a very long list of reliable contacts and relationships, here in the city and all over the province, he said. One of those contacts immediately asked if I was interested in a three month contract, which is a perfect length of time for me because it gives me a chance to survey the landscape and think about what Id like to do next in my career.

Dalys position is at the Centre for Marine Compressed Natural Gas, an oil and gas research facility in St. Johns. They are doing a corporate rebrand and refocusing some of their work, and Ive been brought in to be the lead on that, for the rebrand, strategy, communications and marketing concept. Its an excellent opportunity.

Daly agreed that landing this position so quickly helped ease the disappointment of his departure from Rogers. After some of the shock and embarrassment wore off, I was pretty confident in landing on my feet because I have worked really hard in this city, and I have worked hard on the relationships that were out there to build on. I think I did a good job with the show and had a certain amount of respect from the community, when it came time for me to leave, or to be let go. And so its all working out and its going to be fine.

When I asked Daly if he is holding the door open for a return to television, he said it was too soon to comment.

Those opportunities are a little less evident and visible than some of the business opportunities in town. So I dont know about any future in media or television. I certainly wouldnt close the door on it, but at this point I just dont know.

Daly had one parting comment, for the many viewers who stopped him in public to say hello, because they recognized him from the show.

I really, truly appreciated it and I hope it doesnt stop, he said. If anybody wants to stop me to say hello, I hope they continue to do so. It was one of the truly interesting perks of the job. Some people, its not their bag and they dont want to have to make small talk with the viewers. I personally enjoyed it, I enjoyed meeting every single one of them When people stopped me and took the time to say hello, I thought it was great and I hope they do the same when I run into them in the future.

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Recent comments

  • AR
    November 01, 2012 - 13:06

    It's obvious that the reason Paddy Daly was let go by Rogers had nothing to do with Rogers' budget because he was replaced by Peter Walsh. Daly was a natural on that show and, with all due respect to Peter Walsh, he's no Paddy Daly. I haven't watched the show since Daly was dumped.

  • Paul
    July 27, 2010 - 14:54

    Paddy Daly will be missed by the viewers and before long he will be sorely missed by Out of the Fog. The hosts that are left behind are not of the same calibre as Paddy. Not surprisingly he took this ridiculous move by the company with class and grace. It used to be must see tv when Danny Williams was on the show but last night Peter Walsh proved he isn't up to the task of filling Paddy's shoes. Bad move Rogers.