CBC Radio Switches Off

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But only for planned maintenance

Those of you on the Northeast Avalon, who felt a bit out of sorts today without your CBC Radio, will be none-too-thrilled to know that were in for another outage tomorrow.

CBC went off the air starting around 10 am this morning, and came back late in the afternoon.

Yes, thats a long time to be off the air. I was wringing my hands about this matter in my Facebook status update, when friend John Gushue reminded me that I could listen online.

Of course! Programming was continuing uninterrupted for listeners outside the Northeast Avalon, so the feed would still be available at the CBC site.

I tell you this because its all going to happen again tomorrow. Starting somewhere around 9 am, CBC Radios broadcast signal will again go dead across the Northeast Avalon. And you do not want to miss your weekly fix of Sunday Morning, with Michael Enright.

Before finding the online connection today, it occurred to me how much we come to rely upon CBC Radio as a companion throughout the day, whether we are stirring a pot of stew, kneading a ball of dough, crawling under the 67 Camaro, or writing the final chapter of that novel (hi John!).

Yes, the Ceeb, as some affectionately know the network, is part of our daily lives. (And if you listen to other stations, you probably feel some loyalty to those as well, and would be upset by a six-hour loss of signal.)

Why, I wondered, didnt the CBC do this work at a more opportune time, such as, say, 12 midnight to 6 am? I folded up this question, licked the virtual stamp and dashed it off in an email to Denise Wilson, Managing Director of CBC Newfoundland and Labrador. She sent me a prompt reply.

We are off to do necessary maintenance work that can only be done during daylight hours and when the weather is good. Crews are working to replace broken insulators which require the guy wires to be lowered, she said. We made announcements about this all day yesterday on our show.

Wilson added that if there wasnt enough daylight to finish the work today, we could have another outage tomorrow and I have since heard that we will indeed see more downtime on Sunday.

So dont forget go to the CBC web site. Scroll down a little, look on the right side of the page, and click Listen Live.

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