Bruce is on the loose

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Finally! Years and years of waiting have come to an end.

I'm no longer a virg...yeee. Wrong blog.

Ya...ahhh...I finally have a celebrity look-alike. (DISCLOSURE: I've never really wanted one, but needed a way to work a story into a post.)

Obviously I’m a ringer for Brad Pitt.

OK, so I don't resemble Mr. Jolie.

No biggie. I've never really looked like anyone famous, although my hairstyle as been compared to Kojak, former St. John's councillor Keith Coombs and The Moon.

There was one sort of “you look like someone famous” incident.

Two graduating student nurses got into a roaring racket in the parking lot of a newspaper where I used to work.

Apparently one had bought a car the other had been eyeing.

After things escalated to name calling and swearing, I ran out the door and tried calming them down.

“Ladies, ladies,” I said, “C'mon, it's not worth this.”

“Shut up, Garth Brooks,” one barked without missing a beat.

True story, as is this one.

My sister-in-law teaches English in Japan.

She’s learning to play a musical instrument called the samisen.

Her teacher is a Japanese grandfather, and she brought her computer to a recent lesson to show the old guy and his family some photos from back home.

Three adults, three children and my sister-in-law all sat on the floor around her computer.

The wee ones enjoyed pics of young cousins and my in-law’s dog, Banjo (which the Japanese find funny because the dog’s name is very similar to their word for toilet, Benjo).

The most fun, my sister-in-law said, was when she showed some photos of her sisters and their significant others.

Upon seeing one with your blogger in it, the adults shouted, “Die Hard!”

So, yippie-ka-yay, Mother Trucker! I’ve got a celebrity look-alike.

Sadly it’s Bruce Willis, but hey, if it’s going to be an aging action star, at least it’s not Mel Gibson.

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