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  • Patton MacDonald
    September 13, 2010 - 09:56

    Re question one: I prefer a well done movie to any award show. I usually pass on non-music awards shows and most music awards shows. A movie provides focus on a good story and well done presentation, as opposed to poorly produced bits designed to publicize the biz and its people. After reading you I watched Jimmy Fallon and his opening bit. Very well done, high quality work. Re your second question: "... is TV the new movie?" Sort of like asking "Is wind the new electricity?" No. As new formats are created, we have always seen blends of the mediums. Music enhanced verbal stories and cave drawings. Scrolls enhanced verbal messaging, and books enhanced written storytelling, and so on. Consistent in all storytelling is the lure of personal feelings and thoughts being shared, and underscores all of platforms we use. Cyberspace offers formal and informal storytelling, and millions of quality opportunities for communication to thrive. This blog is one example. New rules of marketing and storytelling attract innovative, creative people who both produce and consume the results. Sort of like chefs who also fish and farm. But, the gods have decreed that people like YOU must work to see that quality and high common denominators prevail. Re: your Brian Cranston love-a-thon: he is an excellent actor who takes advantage of the pieces he is gifted with and at other times stuck with. In your ponderings about actors who have found homes in television, the trend is not new. Television has always and often relied on well trained stage and film professionals to enhance their production and entertainment values. Actors, and the rest of the creative iceberg we don't see at work, are like the rest of the world, in that if one format is either boring or not capable of supporting them financially or otherwise, they try other media. Question three: I prefer a good television series if it meets my definition of "good", because I can easily see pieces I have missed via cyberworld or dvd sets. I prefer great movies as formats for good story telling mixed with sharing time with people I like and love. Question four: The first tv show which had an impact on my life was no tv at all, as we didn't have one. I loved Bugs Bunny when I bought a tv, and did see tv special events at people's houses, such as the Beatles first television appearance on Ed Sullivan when I was younger. I found tv generally tied up valuable time which I could spend doing things I liked much better. I still prefer radio, but went through a phase when I had tv installed in vehicles so I could listen to news. For the last ten or fifteen years, I used voice recognition software so that I could put a laptop in the backseat and bluetooth my own emails, and mixtures of business and other communications as I travelled here and there with the other lemmings. I have always taken cameras everywhere and photography has replaced my voice recognition and I store my communications in my head and then type my little heart out. Re: the Republic of Doyle. I love a lot about the show and watch it when I can, based on wanting the show to succeed because I think it has what it takes to keep getting better in every way. It is nice to see freshness in acting, writing, production and location. We need a lot more of it.