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A new target for St. Pat's baseball games

Whoever is building the house behind St. Pat’s Ball Park had better keep their window manufacturer on retainer.

The monstrous new home being built behind the city’s only decent baseball field is bound to be a favorite target for St. John’s senior and intermediate ball players next summer. The owners have already built a fairly tall chain-link fence around their property, but the reality is any ball hit well enough to left field has the potential to put out a window or, at the very least, damage the siding.

If the right-handed Gerry Stone of Holy Cross keeps hitting like he did last year — the slugger belted a league-high seven homers over the summer — the league might force him to switch-hit to save a few bucks on window replacement costs.


Took in the CeeBees against the Northeast Eagles last Friday at Jack Byrne Arena. Wish I could say it was a good game, but it wasn’t. Far from it.

Northeast, formerly Torbay, are a mess defensively. After a half-dozen odd-man rushes for the CeeBees, I stopped counting. Offensively, they aren’t much better. They can gain the zone, but are seemingly incapable of keeping it, even on the man advantage.

There’s no denying a great divide exists between the East and the West. But before that gap can be bridged, the East needs to address the lack of parity at home. It’s fine to say the Eagles and, to a lesser extent, the Blues can compete with the CeeBees and Blades, but at the end of the day the $350,000 budget will almost always beat the team with one at $50,000.


Two referees in the East? That ought to be the death knell to any flow on the ice.

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