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But I'll get better baby, I promise

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. With a full-time (and very busy) job as a communications coordinator at Memorial University's Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS) - now that's a mouthful! - unit, an epic home renovation about to take place (we’re putting a second storey on our house! Gadzooks!), plus the sale of a downtown rental property in Georgetown (message me if you’re interested!), and trying to secure my job after August (I’m covering a maternity leave) – I just haven’t had a minute to spare for Wicks on Flicks. And that makes me sad.


I haven’t followed the Golden Rule of good blogging: Frequency.


But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about you! And with the 11th Nickel Film Festival right around the corner, I have a few thoughts I want to share. So please, if I have any readers left, keep reading!


I may have broken the rules, but that doesn’t mean you have to.


A friend of mine shared this link with me this morning. I was filled with 1) Guilt – for not writing a blog in so long; and 2) Inspiration to get my written booty in gear and polish up the old scrivener skills (look it up, it’s a great word).


I hope you enjoy this condensed and slightly edited version of the below link. It’s a lazy-woman’s blog, but I hope the above insight of my light will endear me to you and you’ll forgive me.


Please read the whole adorable article on www.rottentomatoes.com - one of my favourite and regularly-checked websites. I love this idea and I hope Matt Atchity doesn’t mind me stealing his idea (sort of), but hopefully it will draw a few more people to his site.


And so I give you:


The Ten Commandments of Movie Audiences


1)   Set thy phone ringer on silent mode – the rest of us didn’t pay to hear your ringtone, even if it’s something cute. And God help you if you pick it up.

2)   Thou shalt not text – You know that even a small light in a dark room is eye-catching, right?

3)   Thou shalt not speak – The only time it’s acceptable to talk is if you’re making really clever jokes during a really bad movie.

4)   Thou shalt not aim laser pointers at the movie screen – this isn’t actually amusing, whether you’re in junior high school or some big-shot business guy trying to assert his droll sense of humour related to his job.

5)   Thou shalt not kick or put thy feet on the seats in front of thee – especially if someone’s in them. For that matter, share the armrest, and don’t put your hacked down hoping that no one will sit next to you.

6)   Useth the restroom before the movie starts – and if you have a small bladder, sit on the aisle!

7)   Keepeth they food quiet – enough said.

8)   Thou shalt not bring thy children to R-rated movies – or anything other than a children’s movie. Children do not belong at adult movies.

9)   The movie theatre is not thy make-out spot – please, don’t disgust us. I’m sure we can find a love scene from the movie to be disgusted by.

10)                  Thou shalt not shoot video whilst in the theatre!! – this is called piracy, except it’s not as cool as the kind that happens on the ocean, with tough guys with eye patches.

11)                   (This one is Heidi’s): If there is a local movie playing at the Empire 12, thou shalt go see it! It might not be as good as some of the others, but you’ll be supporting some very hard-working people, and an industry that with your money, could someday have the capacity to produce bigger, better movies with more fancy effects.


I hope none of you ever have to get past the Seinfeld half-turn, and God forbid, I really hope you never have to do the Shhh!


Summer blockbuster season is already underway, so do your best to avoid contributing to that sticky goop on the movie theatre floors.


Happy viewing!




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  • Wayne G. Caddigan
    June 27, 2011 - 07:29

    We grew up as fisherman. Everyday when the sun would rise we would get into our boats going out over the ocean. It was a second home to us. As we passed by the lighthouse all that was ahead of us was the vast ocean and clear blue sky. We eventually got to the spot where we let our nets down at specific points. Then we went back home for a short period of time only to return to the ocean to retrieve our fishing nets to see if we had a good catch. As we pulled up our nets we could see our fishing nets were full. We all smiled at each other. We turned our boat around leaving to go back home. This has been an extremely good day. We give thanks to ocean and the blue sky. This industry is our livelihood it makes us all feel good as time of day comes to a quick end. We are all tired going to bed. In our minds we know tomorrow if the weather is fair we will go out into the ocean and slowly disappear for the day only to find our way back home.