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A writer to the Prince George Free Press is ticked with KISS and suggests some kind of conspiracy theory involving — argggh! — “Newfies.”

In his letter, Dennis Fudge says the band charged $145 in Prince George, $129 in Dawson Creek, $99 in Fort McMurray, and $90 Grand Falls-Windsor.

He notes that not only were the tickets $55 cheaper in Newfoundland, there was an early bird special of $70 for the first 5,000 tickets and people got to see other bands.

“There is also another pattern in the ticket prices for each event,” he points out.

“The price of tickets decreased as the per cent of Newfies in the area increased. Could it be that Newfies refused to give in and be forced to pay ridiculously high prices for tickets? Newfies, who have been the brunt of jokes over the years, appear to be a lot brighter than others. Perhaps it is time that people in Prince George say enough is enough, we will no longer be taken advantage of, because right now, this is one Newfie joke that the Newfies are laughing and people in Prince George are asking “where’s the joke?”

I’ve got no beef with his rant about ticket prices, but why resort to this “Newfie” stuff?

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