Words don't come easy

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Yesterday’s tale of how my boy says “dump truck” has readers telling me similar stories.

Many are too funny not to share.

Rita Walsh emailed me this yarn about her nephew:

“His young son also had a problem with words — and at the most terrible times.

My nephew had him visiting the Salmonier Nature Park on a Sunday afternoon and started showing and telling his son about the different inhabitants of the park.

One of them was the Falcon, which particular species I don't know, but the little fellow really liked the bird.

He kept repeating the name of the bird but it didn't necessarily come out with the proper letters in the pronunciation, ‘Daddy, I like this ‘#$%*’ bird.

After my nephew made a couple of attempts to ease the situation, he had to leave the park as other visitors sent some nasty looks his way.

That didn't help too much and his car seemed to be miles and miles away as his son kept screaming that he didn't want to leave. Instead, he wanted to stay with the ‘#$%*’ bird.

I don't think either of them have been back to the park since.”

Funny stuff.


So was this comment on The Telegram’s Facebook page from Seanna Decker:

My son, who will be two next week, loves Thomas the Train.

However, he can't say Thomas ... he calls him ‘Bad Ass.’ lol.

“When we go to the store and he sees something that’s Thomas, he screams out ‘Bad Ass!’

“It was funny at first ... but now we're just getting weird looks at the store. Lol”


Got a similar story? Email Steve at sbartlett@thetelegram.com or reach him on Twitter at bartlett_steve.


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