And so another crack at a healthier lifestyle begins

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Some of the internal excuses/thoughts as I begin another January commitment to eat and live healthier:

That avocado's true destiny was guacamole. Not being sliced over a turkey sandwich on cracked wheat bread.

There is still some Guinness, Apothic Red, and assorted spirits left from Christmas, and I should drink it. Wouldn't want it go to waste, and it'll be easier to make healthy choices when it's gone. Ditto for consuming - and ridding the house of - the soft drinks, various breaded snacks in the freezer and the Super Cs (cheezies, chips, chocolates and cookies).

It's too dark to walk tonight, even with that new reflective vest Santa bought me.

There's a must-watch hockey game/football game/HBO special coming on. Wings are essential for a proper TV viewing experience.

I'll bring a lunch to work tomorrow. Today, the guys are definitely going to the food court.

Those eggs I'm about to scramble would taste a lot better fried in bacon fat.

Eating that entire cheese ball won't set me back that much. It's not like it weighs 10 pounds or anything.

You scored corporate box tickets to an IceCaps game. It's a treat and I shouldn't deny myself from taking advantage of a fridge full of beer and trays piled with finger foods.

These pants are tighter. They fit fine before Christmas. Geez, I never ate that much. Must be retaining water.

That last gingerbread man my co-worker's mother made for my son? Must eat it so I can tell him how delicious they were.

There's far too much crap on the treadmill to use it.

Lying on the couch and thinking about exercise is as crucial to getting off the couch and doing it.

When is it too early in a diet for a treat?

Round remains a shape.

The diet couldn't start Jan. 1, because there was still a big feed to eat. And it was no good to begin on Old Christmas Day this year because it was a Friday and no one starts a diet on a Friday. So the only suitable day to start was Jan. 9, although that wasn't ideal because it was Janet Jones' birthday and everyone celebrates Mrs. Gretzky's birthday ...

Yesterday was Day 1 of Steve Bartlett's resolution to live healthier. He ate well, exercised and wondered how that unopened chocolate orange tasted for 25 hours. Reach him via email at or follow him on Twitter at bartlett_steve.

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