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My inquiring mind wonders ...

Why it's so darned hard to put on your socks in the swimming pool dressing room?

How come European earwigs turn up in the most unexpected places? (My underwear and sock drawer? Really.)

Why a simple mix of bread crumbs, onions and savory tastes so freakin' gourmet after being stuffed into a turkey's arse and cooked for three or four hours?

How many Newfoundlanders took part in the food fishery last weekend and didn't know how to fillet their catch?

What kind of songs are percolating in Ron Hynes' brain as he undergoes cancer treatment?

Why, if you waste a small drop of red wine - less than half a mouthful, even - it still spills like you busted the Upper Churchill dam? (And it looks particularly bad on a white chair. Sorry, dear.)

What it's like to pilot an airplane?

If this year's St. John's Capitals could have beaten this year's Boston Red Sox?

What the average Newfound-lander and Labradorian thinks of Muskrat Falls and all the rhetoric?

What it's like to sail through The Narrows on one of those swanky cruise ships? (Apparently in the cruise industry, they call it "the channel" to St. John's harbour.)

Why "Coronation Street" is so blasted addictive?

How to tell a good red wine from a bad red wine?

Why, 35 years after I started playing hockey, my skill level still puts the uck in the puck?

What will become of Twitter?

How come people continue to drink and drive?

How to make more time to read and exercise?

What to get my wife for her birthday?

Whatever happened to "22 Minutes" alum Greg Thomey?

Why decision-makers and oil companies haven't found a better way to price gas, a way that protects customers - you and me - from being prisoners to unpredictable prices?

When hybrid cars will come down in price?

Why my son wakes at 6:15 every single morning?

If it's worth appealing a soaring property assessment?

If there are any more hurricanes churning towards us this year?

If someone would clean up the leaves on my lawn?

What readers want?

What the future holds for rural Newfoundland and some of those wonderful places we take for granted?

Why the province just doesn't give Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers moose licences for life?

Why, almost 11 months in, I still feel like hurling my bifocals from Cape Spear into the Atlantic?

How the people who work in the Green Depots do it ... the counting, the noise, impatient customers, etc.?

How much coffee is too much?

If a nutritional analysis has ever been done on fish and chips?

If that is enough questions?

Questions are an occupational hazard for Steve Bartlett. Ask him one via email at sbartlett@thetelegram or on Twitter at @SteveBartlett_

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  • Moe
    October 11, 2012 - 09:13

    You might as well ask who put the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop.