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Here, for your reading pleasure, is the letter from Government House Leader Darin King to the opposition parties on the Muskrat Falls special debate. Also attached is Liberal Leader Dwight Ball’s response letter. I don’t have a letter from New Democrat Leader Lorraine Michael, but she made her feelings pretty clear in this news release.

The easiest way for me to host these really quickly is via imgur. Sorry the quality isn’t perfect, but you can see both of the letters here:

I don’t know how widely distributed this stuff is yet, but they landed in my inbox, so I figured I’d pass it along to you fine folks.

I won’t do a lot to parse the back and forth of the negotiations on the special debate. I already did that a few weeks ago and the lay of the land is essentially the same.

I will say that it’s looking increasingly like there won’t be unanimous consent, which potentially puts the special debate as a whole in jeopardy. For all the details on exactly how that could play out, check out that blog post.

Anyway, enjoy.

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