Another year, another $1 billion

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Boy it’s a good thing that silly fishing industry is dead and buried eh?

Yessir, thank goodness that thing doesn’t exist and it’s all over and it’s an industry of the past and there are no opportunities to be had or money to be made or success to be achieved in that foolish racket, eh?

I mean, seriously, it’s only worth a measly $1 billion AGAIN in 2012?

And who the hell needs an industry that produces $1 billion in produced value in this province every single year like clockwork, right? Who needs to deal with that kind of unnecessary influx of cash? And we certainly don’t need the 20-plus thousand jobs or the insane amounts of direct economic benefit to our coastal communities around the province.

And imagine if we had to actually get off our arses and do a bit of marketing and branding for our seafood. Well then we might have to deal with even more economic returns and benefit.

And who cares if seafood is a product that is growing in demand globally as the world gets bigger and hungrier? Not us, that’s for sure.

Fishery schmishery I say.

We are definitely better off curled up, quarterbacking from our comfy armchairs, pontificating over plant closures and bemoaning challenges in different resources on the water.

Better if we just give it all up. Put it to rest. Shut ‘er down. Burn the boats. Let’s just stick to oil and mining — you know, resources that are TOTALLY renewable and that don’t have any challenges or market issues or currency issues or price fluctuations or anything like that to deal with like the silly old fishery.

$1 billion a year.

Pffft. Who needs it?

Jamie Baker is the managing editor for The Navigator magazine,

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