Transparency (iii)

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I realize it’s been a while, but here’s the latest installment in my ongoing effort to make Newfoundland and Labrador orders in council publicly available online.

I got the latest batch of orders in council about a week ago, but — in case you haven’t noticed — it’s been a pretty busy time in Newfoundland and Labrador politics. Sorry I’m only just getting around to this now.

For those of you who are just getting up to speed, orders in council are the formal decisions of cabinet. In every other province in Canada, they’re publicly posted online, or made readily available to citizens. In Canada’s youngest, coolest province? Not so much. Here’s the first story I did on the issue.

Because I’m a helpful chap, I’ve been posting them online as I get them.

Here’s my first blog post on the issue:

And here’s the second installment:

Here’s the latest batch, which I’ve posted on Google Docs.


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