Senator slams fishermen

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Is there anything better than some overpaid Canadian senator, a person who was not elected but still suckles like a hungry piglet at the taxpayer cash teat, waxing poetic about the livelihood of the everyday fisherman?

Senator Stephen Greene doesn’t seem to think so.

Greene is a Conservative senator representing the Halifax area. Back in March of 2012, when the ruckus was being raised about the federal government looking at changing the fleet separation and owner operator policies in the fishing industry, Greene woke up from his senatorial slumber long enough to pen a four-page diatribe calling for the end of the fleet separation policy.

Not content to just state his position on the matter, Greene also felt like it might be a good time to take a healthy swipe at the credibility of people working on the water.

Now, obviously, Stevie wouldn’t be in favour of the fleet separation policy given that his previous life, before he was put in the senate so you and I could pay his useless way (I believe that of all senators, not just Greene), he was the right hand man for John Risley at Clearwater.

Let me just touch a few lovely points in Greene’s letter to federal Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield.

Green says fleet separation is:

• “a policy that generates and creates regional dependency.”


• Is responsible for the bankruptcy, bail-out and restructuring of several companies including the former FPI.


• Is basically being used to inflate, expand and abuse Employment Insurance in the fishing industry.


• Geared to create a seasonal fishery that is supported by taxpayers.


• Responsible for “the stunting of personal development for thousands of Atlantic Canadians who choose to leave school without graduating for the falsely seductive life of seasonal work on vessels or in plants. Typically the boys go on the boats and the girls work in the plant.” (Wow, Steve. Sexist much?)


• Is “immoral.”


Now look, I won’t paraphrase the whole letter, it’s loaded with nuggets of wisdom and you can read it for yourself here:

I’m not against anyone having an opinion on any issue.

And I certainly appreciate there are going to be two or more sides to every story and issue. But is there any need to be a belligerent numbskull about it?

Ironically, Stephen Greene also contends in his screed that taxpayers across Canada are paying for fleet separation and yet it is benefitting nobody.

To that I say, Steve buddy, you’re the expert.

After all, we’re all paying for you aren’t we?


Jamie Baker is the managing editor for The Navigator magazine,

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  • Jon Lehti
    April 24, 2013 - 14:21

    Steve, I worked various jobs my whole life. Sometimes they were seasonal. I and all my fellow workers never deliberately searched for the easy way out. Sometimes it was a necessity until we found new work. That is why it is there in case you didn't know. What a loser you are. Find someone else to pick on.