Our TIME....absolutely free yet nothing as valuable.

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Let's take a strictly hypothetical situation.

You are a professional painter by trade and you have been successful at providing a comfortable life for yourself and your family. You do excellent work and as such your loving wife or husband or partner wants the living room painted. No sweat right? It's what you do and you are very good at it.

You have a can of paint, a paint brush , some drop cloths that all cost money and you have a living room that is desperate for a fresh coat of paint. You have everything that you need to do the job....except the only thing involved with the project that is completely free to you...TIME.  You lack the TIME to actually do the job up to your standards.

You find that you only have 1 hour to paint the entire living room instead of the required 4 hours but because you have so much other things to get completed today and tomorrow and the day after, you start painting , hoping that you will have enough time to complete the living room and have it be your usual perfect result. You put your head down and get at it ...all the while wishing you had more time.

After 1 hour of feverishly painting you stop and take a look at your work. The result is not surprising. There are missed spots, paint wasted everywhere, the ceiling is full of splatters and you realize that you would have been better off having someone else do it for you because you simply did not have the TIME required to complete the task. It is not your fault....there are only so many hours in a day.

My point is.........

In the upcoming municipal elections here in St. John's I am a candidate in Ward 3 where my wife and I reside as well as a very grateful voter. I take the privilege of being able to cast my vote very, very seriously and have so since the age of 18. I have great respect for anyone who offers themselves as a candidate for council but I ask this one simple favour of all who have announced their candidacy already and those who are thinking of running for a seat on council. Please make sure that you have enough TIME to do the job effectively. It's imperative and the least that voters should expect.

Our city is growing exponentially. The issues and hurdles we face as a city and residents are growing as well and the onus is on our elected council to handle our business and concerns for the next 4 years and make decisions on our behalf, and as such, please realize that the TIME needed to properly and effectively fulfill the duties of a member of council is great. A member of council makes decisions that directly affect every resident of our city is many ways and it's imperative that every decision be given the full amount of introspection and research needed to come up with the best possible, intelligently thought-out decision. This all takes valuable TIME. It is up to each candidate to honestly ask themselves if they have the required TIME to effectively and completely serve the residents of this city as a member of council. I trust they will be honest with themselves as our city's future depends on it

As a Ward 3 candidate I can honestly and truthfully say that I do have a lot of free TIME to concentrate on my council duties should it be deemed by the voters that I have worked hard enough over the past year to earn the Ward 3 seat on council. My wife and I find ourselves with a surplus of spare time as it is just the two of us and we are willing and ready for the challenges and rewards that come with being the voice of the residents of Ward 3 for the next 4 years. This last year of knocking on doors has been amazingly fulfilling for me and I look forward to possibly having the opportunity to represent every resident in Ward 3 with my personal, hands-on, accountable approach to problem solving.

Please visit my website at www.walterharding.com or follow me on Twitter @waltharding. I would really appreciate it and will answer every single email or Tweet.

Or, preferred by me, please call me at my home . 579-9619. I look forward to hearing from you and would gladly drop by your home for a face to face visit and chat. At your convenience of course

I firmly believe that I am....

Your New Choice......A Stronger Voice.


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Recent comments

  • Amanda
    July 29, 2013 - 08:15

    In politics, there are so many people that would say or do anything to get your votes for all the wrong reasons that would not be evident until afterwards. Walter Harding is not like that. The best word I can think of to describe him would be Genuine. He genuinely cares for the people in this ward and wants to do the absolute best he can for the ward he's been a living in for so long. He's your neighbor that only has your best interests at heart. There is no hidden agenda or selfish want for public recognition, there is just a man that simply wants to take care of his community.

  • James Ryan
    July 06, 2013 - 10:08

    Over the past couple of months I have had the opportunity to speak with Walter regarding the upcoming municipal election. I have been very impressed with his knowledge of the issues facing St. John's and Ward 3 in particular. His common sense, and forthright answers in our conversations have been refreshing. His energy is amazing, he has a true passion for this city. In my opinion Walter has something great to offer St. John's. All voters in Ward 3 should seriously listen to what he has to say and consider giving him the opportunity to represent Ward 3 on the St. John's city council.

  • Peter Geary
    July 04, 2013 - 17:45

    I have had several verbal encounters with this fine young gentleman and have found him to be a very intelligent and kind person and very well versed on many municipal issues. He is passionate young man, very sincere and most energetic. Walter has a special love for and interest in our many seniors here in Ward 3 of which I am one. He and his lovely wife, Kim along with his team have spent many, many hours picking up the garbage that has accumulated on the banks near the Village almost on a daily basis. That is where I first met him and his team and I was so impressed with this first encounter that I told him right there and then that he has my vote. Walter is the kind of person that we so badly need here in Ward 3. He is a very hard worker, sincere, honest and a "what you see is what you get" kind of person. He also lives in Ward 3 and has for many years. He has promised me that he will look into many of the issues and concerns that I have being a senior here living here in Ward 3 and I believe him. He has such a love for people, in general, and has a very strong work ethic which is what we need in our representative here in Ward 3. You can be sure that if Walter says he'll do something, you can be sure that he will. He is a man of his word. If you get the opportunity to meet him, you too will be very impressed with him as I was. He has my vote as well as my wife's and many of my friends who live here in Ward 3. Your new voice for a stronger voice! If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call him (579-9519) or email him at hardingward3@gmail.com. You can also learn more about this fine young man by visiting his webpage at www.walterharding.com. Vote Walter Harding for Ward 3...! You won't be sorry!

  • Palmtree
    July 04, 2013 - 14:26

    Good points Mr Harding. I have heard you on the radio several times and you are very well informed and well spoken. Good luck and you have my vote!

  • Shelly Higdon
    Shelly Higdon
    July 04, 2013 - 14:09

    Mr. Harding. You knocked on our door last year with a card that has a list of emergency numbers for St. Johns and your picture on it. It is still on our fridge and thankfully we have not had to use it. Lol. You also had milkbones for our pet Miko. That's how I remember you. Haha. You knew what you were talking about. You have our votes.