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Geoff's To Do List for You:


1. Implement Cost-sharing for all City of St. John's Infrastructure with ALL commuter communities...people who reside outside St. John's but work, shop, use our infrastructure - daily - must pay their fair share...via sur-tax, levy, toll-fee, whatever works for Us, St. John's...


2. Development in St. John's (hotels and office buildings) will offer something to Us, like... day-care space, affordable housing units, a parkette...or, what the neighbours say is needed by them/us...Condo-Builders will work with the City to add affordable units...


3. Protect Our traffic on Water St., opposite direction on Duckworth St.; two-way, and all heavy equipment , traffic via Harbour Drive only (except deliveries to merchants, in early morning only, on W and D Streets)...One-way traffic will also increase the number of angle parking spaces on W and D Sts.

Promote development/buildings/renos that honour our land/sea-scape and peoples heritage...


4. Partner with the province, labour/unions, and the private sector, to BUILD more, much needed, affordable housing for our seniors, young adults starting their careers, working poor, and the socially disadvantaged


5. Work with other Mayors in the Atlantic Region to help the Federal Government Restore what has been taken from people, like SAR, housing rehab programs for the poor, and building more affordable housing...


6. Make Public Transit, Better!, more timely and convenient, better transfer points, with more shelters for those who wait in the rain and snow!

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