Platform Part 2

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Geoff's Platform Part 2


My 6 Point Plus Platform Still Stands...Please See Above


However, As Your Mayor I want to Remove the social-justice blights in Our city, therefore, my platform part two is:


2.1 Facilitate the Re-Development of the Waterford Hospital


In a previous job as executive director of the province's mental health association I shone a light on the plight and state of 'the-waterford'.


That resulted in the provincial government allocating, in 2011, over 4M dollars for re-development planning of 'the-waterford'.


What is the status of the re-development of this embarrassment, and social justice blight, of a psychiatric hospital, in Our city, in the year 2013?


The hospital is from 1855 and is a shameful, brick and concrete example, of stigma, and how we treat people with severe and persistant mental illness and, sometimes, addiction problems, in Our community.


I'll expect, Eastern Health and the Department of Health and Community Services work with me, as Your Mayor, to see the building of a new, state of the art, humane hospital for those with mental illness, who need modern-day hospitalization and care.




2.2 Her Majesty's Penitentiary Must Go!


I am disgusted that the prison, where I did my first social work field placement 33 years ago, built in 1864, still stands today.


We deserve better, and I will expect and facilitate, action, from our provincial and federal governments with regard to how we treat and house, our friends, neighbours, brothers, sons, uncles, cousins, unfortunately in trouble, needing to redeem themselves, but 'housed' @ HMP a building from another century. This can no longer be!


My Platform parts 1 and 2, will allow me to use my many skills honed in a 30 year career in health care, where my 15 years of professional experience with government policy and planning, long-standing volunteer political activism, and professional advocacy will, as Your Mayor, help to bring about change I think we need, St. John's.


We are better as citizens of St. John's, than the above-noted 2 social-justice stains on our city, and these testaments to stigma, judgment and discrimination, would indicate.


St. John's has never had a Mayor like me who wants and needs to take on the above social justice issues, and including, affordable housing, commuter tax, and better, public-focused development and transportation.


Let's move forward together, St John's, and leave the relics of the past behind.


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