More affordable housing needed

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Two years, or so, from the next federal and provincial elections, the powerful Canadian Medical Association, under the leadership of a president with what I see as a strong social justice agenda, released a powerful, social justice report, and recommendations, to the country. In my 30 years in health care the release of this report, by the CMA, is historic, unusual, and a powerful statement to all governments, but the federal government specifically. The country's physicians have put their microscopes on high-zoom onto the social determinants of health - affordable housing options, food security and education. Bravo for the CMA! The CMA report also supports a previous review by the Health Council of Canada that states the social determinants of health, such as, housing, income, good food, education, all have a direct impact on the health of our citizens, i.e. us. Its kind of common sense, but as we all know, common sense is sometimes, not common, especially as it relates to the four-year election cycle. I attended the local consultation, by the CMA, that fed into the CMA report, and talked about the work my church of choice does (an outreach lunch) to help our most disadvantaged citizens, in downtown St. John's. As a social worker in psychiatry, and a mental health bureaucrat, and as executive director of the NL division of CMHA, I saw the micro-, and macro-effects of social disadvantage, poverty and crappy housing on people's mental health, for over 30 years. That's why I'm so delighted that the powerful CMA took on the review they did, proved the obvious again, stated the obvious, again, and will now use their findings, and the stacks of related research and literature, to lobby the federal government, and the provinces to re-assume their collective responsibility to build more social housing in the country, address issues of food security, as a start to a healthier people across our great country. And, that is why as your Mayor, I want to focus on the partnership building required here to build more affordable housing for our people. . Please see GeoffChaulk's CityIdeas for my mayoral platform planks @

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