Where are the platforms?

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It is out of a sense of disbelief and personal-political frustration that I write this today.

I am a mayoral candidate, for my hometown, the City of St. John's.

I launched my specific and detailed mayoral platform, on my website, in early May and brought it to the attention of our citizens at a press conference on May 21st at City Hall. The press conference, and my platform, was covered by all local media.

Over the past few months, and since the other two mayoral candidates have indicated their 'interest' in being mayor, I have asked both to tell us what they plan to do, if elected.

To date, neither of the other two candidates have issued detailed or specific platforms, to the voters, in relation to what they want to do as mayor, nor have they responded to my requests for platform details, or a list of accomplishments as incumbent members of council.

Why the silence from the other two candidates on platforms, ideas and accomplishments?

One candidate has issued election 'principles' that are nice, but tell the voter little as to what that candidate wants to actually do for us and the city.

Further, The Telegram has previously launched a blog-site, on its website, for municipal candidates.

I have a blog spot there, as a mayoral candidate, as do other candidates for our city council.

The other two mayoral candidates do not.

Are the other two mayoral candidates simply devoid of ideas and previous accomplishments?

Is their platform silence a sign of idea and creativity deficit?

Without all mayoral candidates being detailed and specific about what we wish to do for the citizens and our city, the mayoralty competition for St. John's becomes, and remains, an old form, high-school 'popularity/beauty' contest only.

The days of the popularity/beauty contest are long gone.

The voters of St. John's deserve better.


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