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My name is Sherwin Flight, I am a Ward 5 resident, and I am running for Ward 5 in the 2013 St. John's Municipal Election.

I was born in Newfoundland in April of 1984, which makes me 29 years old. I spent my childhood in Southport, Trinity Bay, until the fishery collapsed in the 90′s and I moved with my parents and siblings to Brampton, Ontario, where I spent the next decade. I moved back to Newfoundland at the beginning of 2011, and have lived in West End St. John's ever since.

Throughout my time in St. John's I have always been involved in municipal politics, and have publicly spoken out about a number of issues I have felt were not handled properly, or given the priority they deserve. Public engagement is something I have always been interested in, and over the past few years I have spoken to, and met, many residents of St. John's and listened to their concerns on many issues. I enjoy discussing a wide variety of issues and concerns, whether it's public transit, sidewalk snow clearing, how the city can better involve the public in the decision making process, or anywhere in between, I'm always interested in hearing what people have to say.

I was very vocal in advocating for improved sidewalk snow clearing, and spearheaded a successful campaign that resulted in the city doubling the amount of money and equipment used for clearing sidewalks in the winter, thereby improving pedestrian safety.

I have also pushed for better public engagement, and inclusion in the decision making process, so that residents have a say in how their city is run. I believe that public engagement is very important, because when people have a say in how things are done they are more likely to get involved in the public consultation process.

I have always been an advocate for improved public transit. I believe that having a reliable public transit system is very important in many ways. It allows people without a vehicle to get out and do what they need to do on a daily basis, and also allows more people to get out and enjoy the things St. John's has to offer. A well-functioning transit system would also give people a reason to leave their cars at home and take transit to work, school, or other events, thereby reducing the amount of traffic on the roads, and parking spaces required to accommodate them.

I know that given the chance I could more than prove my worth to the residents of Ward 5. I am always willing to listen to people's concerns and figure out the best plan of action to get the issues resolved. I am asking for your support in the upcoming election, and if you give me your vote, I won't let you down.

Best wishes,

Sherwin Flight


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