Behind the slogan - “Leadership. Energy. Vision.”

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Behind the slogan - “Leadership. Energy. Vision.”

Behind the slogan - “Leadership. Energy. Vision.”


Not everyone can or wants to be a leader but that trait evolves for some people naturally. For some reason no matter what I got involved in, I ended up in a leadership role and felt comfortable dealing with players I coached, committees I chaired, management I negotiated with and anyone I debated with. At this point, having served eight years on Council, many residents of Torbay have approached me to run for Mayor and I feel I must answer the call.

The leadership approach I intend to bring to the Mayor’s office is one involving a team with all members of Council given an opportunity to contribute. Engaging Councilors in the day to day activities of the Mayor to me is very important. After all it is most likely that a member of your new Council will be your next mayor in the future and the more experience they receive in this term, the better. It is important that your Mayor participate in as many community events as possible, but I would not hesitate to ask either the Deputy Mayor or another Councilor to represent the Town Council in my absence if that should occur. I can assure you I will spend as much time doing the job of Mayor as that position dictates.


The Councilors you either re-elect or elect should be given every opportunity to bring their ideas, skills and especially their energy and time to our Town Hall. We all want to get elected to grow our community and that takes tremendous energy from every member of a Council team of seven. Accomplishing a resolution to issues in a timely manner is very important for our residents. There is more to being on Council then attending bi-weekly meetings. There are committee meetings and the opportunity to deal with residents. Whatever we do we must show our community we are there to helpthem through energy and compassion in order to get the job done.


Some of the items listed within my platform may give you a sense of what my vision is for our community. However, when elected we all have to look back to determine if previous Councils fulfilled their visions and whether they positively or negatively impacted their town. A newly elected Council in September should, early in their term, sit down to meet and discuss each of their own individual visions for not only the next few years, but perhaps for the next fifty years.

My vision: our town has to remain as rural as possible, preserving our great heritage and culture. Beautiful and scenic Torbay should remain just that! There is nothing wrong with development and growth if it is planned and balanced. It seems we sometimes boast that we are the second largest growing community in this province. However our current infrastructure cannot sustain that level of growth. I can assure you if I am elected, until that problem is gradually brought under control, we will not move up the ladder to the fastest growing town during my term of office!

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