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Just like many others in our society, for years I mumble, grumbled and complained to family, friends and colleges about how government worked or seemingly didn't work. But just like any other sane individual in our society we know change can't happen without jumping into the game.

So, I made the decision to throw my hat into the ring and run for Mayor in the Town Of Paradise this year. I am an open mind, to the point, selfless person who follows politics just like fans who follow the leafs waiting for a big win.

I for one am tired of waiting for the big win. You can't win if you're still using the same players or strategies, and I believe many in our society feel the same. I want leadership, integrity, intelligence, creativity and accountability.

I only know a few individuals who have these qualities, but none have an interest in municipal affairs and the only other individual who I know has these qualities in any varying degree was me. So, I thought to myself "I may never have the opportunity again so I might as well jump into the race".

I must admit the day I filed my nomination papers for Mayor, both my fears & nerves almost got the best of me. But I thought back on all training I went through in the military, and it's those memories that gave me strength and courage to stay the course.

That same strength and courage gives me focus, ambition and determination that I use in the business world. In my 33 years on this blue green marble I have learned one great truth and that is obstacles and failure are not a hindrance to progress, but opportunities to better ourselves and society.

This race is my obstacle and becoming Mayor is my opportunity to help better our town and society. Even if I don't win the race I am sure other opportunities will present themselves and allow me to make a difference.

To read more about who I am and my ideas and solutions you can head over to

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